AeroNaut LT200 Flex Electric Glider Kit

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A laser cut, balsa kit for a 2 metre glider, or electric glider with 2, 3 or 4 channel control.



  • Made in Germany
  • Laser cut, highly accurate balsa, ply kit
  • Good for beginner to expert fliers
  • Choice of 2,3 or 4 channel control
  • Optional parts included for electric motor operation
  • All hardware included
  • Well detailed instruction manual
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AeroNaut LT200 Flex Electric Glider Kit

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Product Information

The Aeronaut LT 200 Flex glider kit offers several options when building. From the kit, you can choose between a glider model or an electric glider model. For the electric motor drive, the appropriate front bulkhead sets are included, for the glider variant, a beautifully designed nose made of balsa is also included.

As to the control variants, three options are available with this model - with pure 2-axis control for rudder/elevator, as 3-axis control for rudder/elevator/ailerons, or as 3-axis control with a 4 servo wing with ailerons and camber/brake flaps. To each of these options, the electric motor in the nose can be added.

The LT 200 Flex can therefore be used as a RES model or as a full house thermal glider from the kit. For the new E-RES class the flaps and ailerons cannot be used, but it will be simple to add servo-operated spoilers to the top surface of the inner wing panels.

The construction is based almost entirely on wood, with the exception of the fuselage boom made of thin-walled CFRP. The hull is built up in a layered construction from laser-cut wooden parts. The wings are made of a rib construction which is easy to build and fully sheeted with thin lightweight balsa, which eliminates the need for covering with foil, should you desire.

The wing profile allows a very slow flying style and soars well in thermals even at low altitudes. The airbrakes allow a vertical descent without any significant increase in airspeed.

LT 200 Flex not only appeals to experienced model pilots who have always wanted to have a multi-flap wing for comfortable flying, but also young model builders, who have already had their first experiences in building wooden models and now want to go higher.

Due to the simple, intuitive design and youth-friendly construction manual, this model is very suitable for construction as a group project.

What you need

  • 2, 3 or 4 servos depending on control options chosen
  • 2-6 channel receiver
  • Glue
  • Optional, plastic wing covering
  • Electric outrunner motor, 28mm diameter
  • Electronic speed control, 20A +
  • Battery
  • Folding propeller assembly


from 800gm depending on version
Wing area [dm²]
Wing loading [g/dm²]
RC functions
Elevator, aileron, rudder, airbrakes, motor control

Product Manuals

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