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Easy programming via USB
Castle Talon

This "mighty mini" can take on the most extreme maneuvers while keeping it’s cool.

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Castle Creation Talon 35 Helicopter

Very realistic graphics
Phoenix V5

With the ability to create and share your own models, the Phoenix Flight Simulator Version 5 takes RC software to a whole new level.

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Phoenix V5 Flight Simulator

Price reduced
TP Charger

The TP820CD is the first ever dual port and the most anticipated, most powerful and most advanced multi-chemistry charger, discharger, cycler and balancer system from Thunder Power RC yet.   Order Yours Today

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Thunder Power 820CD charger

Very compact charger
IMAX Charger

The Imax B6 Pro can charge LiPo, LiFe and LiIon batteries.

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IMAX Compact LiPO Charger

Handy foam stand
JR stand

Soft Foam Model Stand for RC plane and gliders

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JR Model stand

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ParkZone Archer

A brilliant scale civilian RC plane, the Archer from ParkZone offers great accuracy with fun flight characteristics.

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Parkzone Archer RC Plane
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