Ultra Power 300W, 20.0A AC/DC Touch Screen 1-6S Charger

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This 300W charger from Ultra Power comes with a touchscreen and can work with LiLo, LiPo, LiFe, NiCD and NiMH batteries.


  • Charges 1-6 cell LiPo, LiFe and Li-ION, 1-15 cell NiCd and NiMH and 2-20V lead acid batteries
  • Fast Charge, Balance Charge and Storage Charge modes for lithium batteries
  • Automatically controls current rate during charging and discharging process
  • Five user customizable pre-set per output
  • Three fan cooling system with internal sensor for controlling fan speed
  • Batteries can be set to automatically Charge/Discharge or Discharge/Charge up to a maximum of 10 cycles
  • Automatic charge termination if battery temperature gets too high
  • Temperature probe is required and must be purchased separately
  • PC-based program can analyze the characteristics of each battery via a USB port, graph of voltage, current and capacity curves with individual voltage of each cell in a lithium pack can be displayed on a PC- *PC-LINK USB adaptor is required and must be purchased separately.
  • One USB port, 5 volts, 2100mA output for iPad, mobile phone, digital cameras, etc.
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Ultra Power 300W, 20.0A AC/DC Touch Screen 1-6S Charger

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Product Information

The Ultra Power UP300AC Touch Charger is a 300W, 20.0A AC/C Touch Screen charger. It is capable of charging many different types of batteries including LiPO, LiFE and Lithium Ion. It include a 3 fan cooling system and an internal sensor for controlling fan speed to cope with hot weather and the high charge current this Ultra Power 300ACTOUCH charger can deliver. It features an internal cell balancer, a colour LCD touch screen display and important warning and safety functions.

This is a feature packed, great value charger with a simple, user friendly interface. Perfect for high capacity 5S and 6S batteries that are widely used in larger models. With up to 20A charge rates you can be fully charged in as little as 15 minutes.

The colour touch screen on this Ultra Power UP300ACTOUCH charger makes for simple and fast operation of the charger and for easy reading of the information available during a charge or discharge cycle.


Input voltage AC
Input Voltage DC
Charge power
Max. 300W
Discharge Power
Max. 25W
Charge current range
Discharge current range
Battery data memory
5 profiles
LiIo/LiPo/LiFe cell count
1~6 series
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count
1 - 15cells
Pb battery voltage
2V-20V (1-10cells)
Current drain for balancing LiPo

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