Tekin FXR ESC Crawler Combo with 30T Pro Motor (Hand Wound)

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Tekin FXR ESC Crawler Combo with 30T Pro Motor (Hand Wound)

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The FX-R and T Pro Series Combos are designed for pure Rock Crawling performance. The FX-R coupled with a T Pro Series Brushed Motor gives you the edge over the competition with its tiny footprint, improved drag brake resolution with lock-down holding power, adjustable reverse type with reverse delay, no reverse or instant reverse, ultra smooth low speed and precision throttle and braking response.

The new Pro Hand Wound motors give you the punch or the creep when and where you need it. The lower turns give you that increase in wheel speed many are looking for in todays setups Whether crawling the rocks or hopping over them. Using the same Larger Comm, Lay Down Brushes, Precision balanced hand winds as our previous trail proven pro motors the Tekin Pro Hand Wound T series motors and the FX-R combo step you up to smarter, smaller, faster electronics.

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