Soaring Model Mini Dart 1m DLG Kit (Orange)

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DLG model F3K with 1m wingspan


  • Striking orange stripes
  • Fibreglass cover
  • 1 metre wingspan!
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Soaring Model Mini Dart 1m DLG Kit (Orange)

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DLG model F3K with 1m wingspan

The Soaring Model Mini Dart's wing and tail are made of polystyrene with fibreglass cover and carbon fibre spar. CNC machined cores provide high quality and precision of surfaces. Due to its small size and weight, this discus launch glider can be flown by children and is perfect for flying in places such as a park or at the beach.


1 m
Wing area
11.6 dm²
Wing airfoil
AG-45, AG-455, AG-46, AG-47
Stab. airfoil
Stab. area
1.3 dm²
85 g
Flight weight
125 g
rudder, elevator, ailerons

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