Parrot doesn’t just create drones, mini drones, headphones, and car kits. They’re true innovators in the RC world, developing advanced consumer products for smartphones and tablets.

Parrot is known worldwide for their niche expertise in mobile connectivity and multimedia around smartphones – with a focus on in-car infotainment. But as with a brand like Parrot, they don’t stay still for long.   

The award-winning Jumping Sumo mini drone is one of Parrot’s game-changer. You can stream movements and directions right to your smartphone.

It comes with a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, which gives you excellent agility and makes controlling very intuitive. Jump up to 80cm and roll anywhere – each time landing steadily on its wheels. Now that’s a mini drone with big fun.

And they know how to accessorise too. Parrot helps hobbyists stay charged for longer, with their AR.Drone 2.0 LiPo battery – a 1000mAh replacement battery for the Parrot.

Enjoy the world’s beauty, with Parrot.

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