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ParkZone are well-known for their broad range of remote control planes which are ideal for intermediate-level pilots. Offering a superb range of scale RC planes, such as the Ultra-Micro Mustang, ParkZone products are known for their great attention to detail. 


Bind-N-Fly planes are one of ParkZone's specialties. These planes allow you to use your own RC radio; coming equipped with everything else you need to fly (as the Bind-N-Fly name suggests). This is a great option if you are progressing from a RTF trainer plane and want to keep the radio that came with the original package.


Irrespective of whether you are looking for a scale plane or perhaps a sport RC plane like the ArtiZan RC plane, ParkZone are sure to have something for you. Modelflight is proud to offer a wide range of ParkZone planes (and corresponding spare parts, should you require them)!

  1. Price: $200.00 and above
  1. Parkzone (5)
Completion Level
  1. Almost-Ready-To-Fly (1)
  2. Bind-N-Fly (2)
  3. Plug-N-Play (2)
  1. Park Flyers (2)
  2. Large Scale (1)
Assembly Time
  1. Less than 1 Hour (2)
Experience Level
  1. Intermediate (5)
Recommended Environment
  1. Outdoor (5)
Power Type
  1. Electric (5)
Motor Type
  1. Brushless (2)
  2. Brushless Outrunner (1)
No. of Channels
  1. 4+ channels (2)