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E-Flite Ultimate 2 RC Bi-Plane 10E, BNF

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Mike McConville design, Micro Pecorari trim scheme - the Ultimate 2 RC plane really is E-Flite's ultimate aerobatic model.

  • AS3X Technology with Panic Recovery
  • Designed by Mike McConville
  • Trim scheme from Micro Pecorari
  • 10-size brushless motor
  • E-Flite 40A ESC installed
  • Durable Z-Foam material
  • 3D vortex generators

The Ultimate Reimagined

RC PlaneCreated by leading designer, Mike McConville and showcasing a stunning trim scheme from Mirco Pecorari, the Ultimate 2 RC bi-plane from E-Flite offers an extraordinary aerobatic experience. It features a highly-tuned airframe that encapsulates modern aerodynamics. Building upon the success and popularity of the original Ultimate, this new version capitalises on electric power to create a stunning park flyer. The Ultimate 2 has a high power-to-weight ratio and high-quality components, allowing you perform aggressive 3D manoeuvres. But this is only the beginning. Some of the other great features of this biplane are shown below:

AS3X Technology

The Ultimate 2 comes with the precision of Artificial Stabilisation Three Axis (AS3X) technology. AS3X gives the Ultimate 2 a solid look and feel in the air, working behind the scenes to counter the effects of wind and turbulence. With its three-axis sensing and flight software specially-tuned for this model, flying smoothly will require less effort on your behalf.

Panic Recovery

As an extra layer of security, there is a Panic Recovery mode available, which is a key feature of Sensor-Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) Technology. This technology allows you to try new manoeuvres without fear of losing control. All you have to do is push the panic button on your transmitter and the plane will instantly return to level flight. This virtual safety net, in addition to AS3X, comes pre-installed with the included Spektrum AR636A receiver. This six-channel receiver is also equipped with DSMX 2.4GHz control.

Brushless Power

Beneath the cowl of the Ultimate 2 is a powerful 10-size brushless motor, offering 1250Kv of power. This works with a 40A brushless ESC. This setup can accept 3S 2200mAh LiPo battery packs (sold separately). Combined with the four 13g micro servos pre-installed, you will be able to experience the ultimate aerobatic power.

E-Flite Ultimate 2

Easy Assembly

You will able to get the Ultimate 2 airborne in no time. The struts come with simple push-pin connections and there is only one thumb screw in each wing. Assembling this plane is very straightforward – no tools will be required. After construction, all you will need to do is install your battery and bind the plane to your transmitter.

Ideal 3D-Size Control Surfaces

This E-Flite plane comes with four huge ailerons to give you fast roll speed, in addition to large elevator and rudder surfaces that make spin and snap gyrations sharp. You will experience instant response, even at slow airspeeds. The Ultimate 2 also features vortex generators near the leading edge to enhance your 3D performance.

Durable Z-Foam Material

Thanks to the use of Z-Foam, the Ultimate 2 has a lightweight design and is very durable. You can easily make repairs with just about any fast-setting glue.

The Ultimate 2 comes with a tinted canopy that gives the plane a sport-scale appearance. You will also notice the matching wheel pants and aluminium main gear. Please note that this plane comes as a Bind-N-Fly Basic model, so there are several items you will need to complete it. Please refer to the “What You Need” section below for more details. The Ultimate 2 really is the ultimate aerobatic model plane. If you cannot wait to experience its stunning performance, order yours now.

What you Need
  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX6 (SPM6700AU1) or DX7 (SPMR1000)
  • Battery. We recommend the Dualsky ECO-S LiPo Battery, 2700mAh 3S 25C (DSBXP27003ECO)
  • Charger. We recommend the Dynamite Prophet Precept or Ultra Power 680AC
37.6 in (954.4 mm)
Overall Length
42.6 in (1082.3mm)
Wing Area
519 sq. in. (33.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight
2.8 lbs (1.3kg)
Motor Size
BL10 Brushless Outrunner
Full Range DSMX 6 channel computer radio (minimum)
4 × 13g (EFLR7155O)
Trim Scheme Colors
White with blue and orange
Speed Control
40A Brushless ESC (minimum)
Recommended Battery
3S 2200mAh 25C (minimum)

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