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E-Flite Shoestring 15e EF1 Racer RC Plane, ARF

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A great sport plane and pylon racer, the E-Flite Shoestring is an exciting RC plane.

  • Can work as a sport flyer or pylon racer
  • NMPRA-legal for EF1-class pylon racing competitions
  • Accessible magnetic top-hatch to change battery
  • Small number of parts for quick assembly
  • Comes with pilot figure
  • Constructed from lightweight balsa and plywood
  • UltraCote trim scheme
  • Easy transport with two-piece plug-in wing
  • Comes with painted one-piece fiberglass cowl

The Shoestring Sweeps You Off Your Feet

Whether you want to race or go sport flying, the E-Flite Shoestring is one versatile model airplane. The Shoestring has a mid-wing design and is NMPRA-legal for EF1-class pylon racing competitions. Similar to the Mini Funtana, this plane is constructed from lightweight balsa and plywood. It also has a low parts count which makes it very easy to assemble. It comes with a one-piece fibreglass cowl, accessible battery hatch and pilot figure included. If you are looking for a thrilling sport plane, the Shoestring is for you. Order yours now.

What you Need
  • Transmitter. We recommend the Spektrum DX8 (SPMR8810)
  • Receiver. We recommend the Spektrum AR6210 (SPMAR6210)
  • Mini Servos. We recommend 2 Spektrum A5040 servos (SPMSA5040)
  • Wing Servos. We recommend 2 Spektrum A7030 servos (SPMSA7030)
  • Motor. We recommend the E-Flite Power 25 (EFLM4025B)
  • ESC. We recommend the E-Flite 60A ESC (EFLA1060B)
  • Battery. We recommend the E-Flite 3200mAh LiPo (EFLB32003S30)
  • Propeller. We recommend the APC 8 x 8 Electric Propeller (APCLP08080E)
  • Spinner. We recommend the E-Flite 1.50 Spinner (EFLSP150B)
  • Charger. We recommend the Imax B6 (IMA-471012)
50.5 in (128 cm)
Overall Length
38.3 in (97.3 cm)
Wing Area
375 sq in (24.2 sq dm)
Flying Weight
44.1 - 49.4 oz (1250 - 1400 g) without Battery; 54.5 - 56.0 oz (1550-1590 g) with Battery
Motor Size
Power 15 - Power 25
4 channels minimum
2 mini servos, 2 thin wing servos
Trim Scheme Colors
Bright Yellow (U872), Sky Blue (U875), Midnight Blue (U885)
CG (center of gravity)
2-3/8 in (60mm) back from the leading edge at fuselage
Wing Loading
20.9 oz/sq ft
Prop Size
Power 15: 10 x 10E (3S); Power 25: 8 x 8E (4S)
Spinner Size
1-1/2 in (38mm)
Speed Control
Power 15: 40A; Power 25: 60A
Recommended Battery
3S - 4S (4S with Power 25 only)
Minimum Age Recommendation
14 years
Experience Level
Recommended Environment
Assembly Time
5-7 Hours
Is Assembly Required

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  • Very Fast & Stable

    Review by Phill on 20/10/2014
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    This is a rocket! I set it up with the recommended Eflite motor and speedy and prop on 4s.
    Man this thing hauls! It is super stable at both super fast and very slow speeds. Good colourscheme for orientation, but dont fly too far away as it gets very small very fast.
    It also glides for half a kilometer, yes that's right! After a few test landing runs I cut the motor with 200 metres to go on the down leg, on final it flew another 100 meters and then took 300 meters to touch down....now that's some glide.....definately not a park flyer!
    Overall a great flying, good looking little rocketship!
  • Well-built, great performance

    Review by Moki Fan on 7/10/2013
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    A very nicely-built & attractive model of ply & balsa construction with heat-shrink film covering. All parts fit very well and appear well glued. The hinges are CA type, buyer-fitted.
    I used Turnigy 380 BB MG micro servos all around and these have functioned very well.
    The fuselage is very narrow, making the fitting of servos, receiver and ESC a bit of a challenge, but all doable.
    The small wing-retaining R-clips, which do the job so well, should be secured to the airframe by a short length of string as they are easily lost in the grass or carpet.
    Fitting the canopy needs some careful measuring and trimming to get it to lock into place securely. Worth doing right.

    Any good .25-size motor and ESC will work well, although the Turnigy SK-3 3542-1250KV motor spinning an APC 9 x 7 prop does an excellent job for fast sport flying.
    A Turnigy Nanotech, 4S 2700MaH battery is the maximum size that will fit.
    With this combo, there is a strong torque swing with full-throttle on take-off, although 1/2 throttle is ample and gives a smoother climb-out.
    This is a very fast model with a 25-size/3542 motor on 4S Li-Po's.
    The long, high-aspect ratio wings are very efficient and although it will snap-roll with over-enthusiastic use of the elevator, with experience it will hot-dog very well and is a real ball to fly.
    It prefers to fly a bit faster than most, although it will fly quite slowly if control inputs are kept gentle.
    Roll rate is good for a long wing and the aircraft tracks very solidly in all conditions. Typical of a pylon-racer type, it needs to be flown all the time and will go where it is pointed.
    The power-off glide is very flat and quite fast, requiring good circuit judgement to avoid an overshoot. Not really for small park flying or confined areas.
    The only niggle I have is that the gear legs are of standard alloy and deform quite easily in any but a greaser landing. Good incentive to get the landing right, but they are easily bent back to shape.
    Lash out and buy the E-flite 1.5" alloy spinner. A beautiful piece of turning that's well worth the extra cost.
    Highly recommended if you want a good-looking & fast-flying model.
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