Seagull Models L-4 Grasshopper RC Plane, 20cc ARF, SEA-325

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The L-4 Grasshopper from Seagull Models is the military version of the popular Piper J-3 Cub. 5,500 pieces were built in WW II and used primarily as a Light Observation Aircraft. This 2.3-metre model is a dream to fly.



  • Brilliant looking, accurate scale outline and superb flying characteristics
  • Lightweight high-quality construction from balsa and balsa plywood
  • Tail surfaces are airfoiled
  • Matte finished Oracover film covering in a realistic gradated camouflage trim scheme
  • Wheel pants and cowl made from painted fibreglass
  • Highly durable landing gear included
  • Includes a lightweight painted pilot figure in scale detailed cockpit
  • Easily assembled/disassembled and transported due to plug-in wings
  • Electric or glow power system hardware included for either setup
  • Fully operational flaps with linkages for realistic appearance and great performance
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Seagull Models L-4 Grasshopper RC Plane, 20cc ARF, SEA-325

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Product Information

L-4 Grasshopper RC warbird

The 90 inch L-4 Grasshopper from Seagull is a superbly scale detailed RC plane that is ideal for use as a trainer or an everyday flyer. The L-4 Grasshopper is quick to assemble and easy to fly and is built using both plywood and balsa which means you get a lightweight RC warbird that is stronger and more durable than many.

L-4 Grasshopper Warbird Replica

The ‘Almost’ in Almost Ready To Fly’ (ARF) is spot on with a lot of the work done at the Seagull factory for you. The hinges are pre-installed and the motor mount has been fitted with the option of running the Grasshopper with either electric or gas power. Another added benefit of the L-4 Grasshopper is that it is a legal IMAA Warbird meaning you know this is a legit RC plane that you can fly with confidence at any Warbird fly meet.

There is much joy to be had by flying the L-4 Grasshopper 90 inches. Give it a try.

What you need

  • 20cc gasoline engine
  • Computer radio 4 channel with 5 servos
  • Glow plug to suit the engine
  • Propeller to suit engine: 20x8 - 20x10
  • Protective foam rubber for radio system


90.0 in (228.6 cm).
Wing area
1182.3 sq.ins (76.3
13.2 lbs (6.0 kg).
56.8 in (144.2 cm).
Engine/Motor size
20cc gasoline.
4 channels with 5 servos

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