Seagull Models Cessna Bird Dog Dead Eye 122inch ARF, 60-80cc, SEA-385

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Introducing the Seagull Models Cessna Bird Dog Dead Eye 122inch ARF, 60-80cc, an exceptional RC plane designed for both performance and scale realism. This model boasts high-quality construction, innovative features, and a visually striking White/Red trim scheme known as "Dead Eyes." 



  • High-quality balsa and balsa plywood, make lightweight construction and carbon fibre structure provides a lightweight airframe that is ridged and strong in all the right places
  • Factory covered in genuine Oracover film with eye-catching White/ Red trim scheme “Dead Eyes”
  • Plug-in wings with fast-connect struts make it easy to transport and fast to assemble with aluminium airfoil wing struts
  • High-quality 700ml transparent RC fuel tank with clunk weight, fill & vent nipples
  • Including PU rubber wheels 6” CNC aluminium hub
  • Incredible value with carbon fibre landing gear
  • High-quality of carbon fibre tube φ25 for wing set and elevator φ12
  • CNC aluminium 3D tail gear with PU rubber wheel aluminium hub 2.25-inch
  • Includes CNC scale aluminium spinner hub
  • Including painted ABS plastic L-shaped bar rod making scale ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudder for Giant Scale Seagull Cessna L-19
  • Turnbuckle-style pushrods, ball links and turnbuckle wrench included
  • Opening left side window and door scale cockpit and cabin with instruments
  • Detailed cockpit area features an instrument decal, crystal-clear windshield and windows
  • Functioning flaps allow for an enhanced flight envelope with scale flap hinges
  • Including intelligent navigation LED light systems for strobe right/ left light and landing/taxi lights and also tail navigation light
  • Removable antenna for easy access and transportation
  • Painted fibreglass cowl
  • Including scale smoke marking rockets
  • Standard-quality hardware included
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Seagull Models Cessna Bird Dog Dead Eye 122inch ARF, 60-80cc, SEA-385

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Product Information

The Seagull Models Cessna Bird Dog Dead Eye 122inch ARF, 60-80cc offers aircraft enthusiasts a perfect blend of scale realism and outstanding performance. It features a lightweight, high-quality balsa and balsa plywood construction with the addition of carbon fibre in key areas, providing a durable yet agile airframe.

Eye-catching RC plane

Seagull Models Cessna Bird Dog

Factory covered in genuine Oracover film, the Seagull Cessna Bird Dog Dead Eye will turn heads with its eye-catching White/Red trim scheme, named "Dead Eyes." It also comes in a "Chickenman" trim scheme. This RC plane also excels in scale details, featuring a painted ABS plastic L-shaped bar rod for scale ailerons, flaps, elevators, and rudder. The detailed cockpit area, with instrument decals, a crystal-clear windshield, and windows as well as an integrated intelligent navigation LED light system, featuring strobe lights, landing/taxi lights, and tail navigation lights, enhances both visibility and the overall aesthetics. It also features a removable antenna for easy access and transportation, a painted fibreglass cowl for a polished exterior, and scale smoke-marking rockets for added authenticity. This attention to detail not only improves its scale appearance but also contributes to the aircraft's overall charm.

Designed for convenience, the plane features plug-in wings with fast-connect struts, simplifying transport and ensuring a swift assembly process. Complementing this are aluminium airfoil wing struts, which add an extra layer of durability and stability.

An efficient fuel system is at the heart of the Seagull Model Cessna's performance. The high-quality 700ml transparent RC fuel tank, complete with a clunk weight, fill, and vent nipples, ensures consistent and reliable fuel delivery. For a superior flight experience, the functioning flaps with scale flap hinges allow the aircraft to explore an expanded flight envelope, providing versatility in various flying conditions. 

Seagull Model RC plane

Utilising high-quality carbon fibre tubes (φ25 for the wing set and φ12 for the elevator), the aircraft achieves optimal structural enhancements. The CNC aluminium 3D tail gear, paired with a PU rubber wheel aluminium hub (2.25-inch), ensures stability during flights. The inclusion of standard-quality hardware, featuring turnbuckle-style pushrods, ball links, and a turnbuckle wrench, completes the package, ensuring that every component meets the highest standards.

What's in the box?

  • Fuselage

  • Wing set (2)

  • Tail set (3)

  • Canopy

  • Cowling

  • Wing tube

  • Landing gear

  • Tail wheel

  • Fuel tank

  • LED light set

  • Windows

  • Rockets (2)

What you need

  • 70-125cc gasoline engine
  • Computer radio 8 channel with 8 servos
  • Glow plug to suit engine
  • Propeller to suit engine
  • Protective foam rubber for radio system

See the manual for all the tools and supplies needed to complete this model


3100 mm (122 in)
Wing area
130.2 (2017.8
16.5 kg (36.4 lbs)
2158 mm (85 in)
Engine size
70 - 125cc gasoline engine
8 channels with 8 digital servos

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