Seagull Models AT-6 Texan 10-15cc Master Scale Edition Kit

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Embark on a journey into aviation history with the Seagull Models AT-6 Texan Master Scale Edition Kit. This light plywood and balsa kit pays homage to the iconic AT-6 advanced trainer, offering a perfect blend of sporty performance and scale accuracy. Suitable for 40-size motors or 10-15cc engines, the AT-6 Texan Master Scale Edition Kit is designed to cater to both novice and seasoned scale modellers.



  • A fulfilling aviation project
  • Designed as a 40-size sport ARF or 10-15cc model for flexibility in performance
  • Allows builders to choose their preferred level of detail, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced modellers
  • Laser-cut light plywood and balsa sheets for a lightweight yet sturdy airframe
  • White pre-painted fibreglass cowl, wheel pants, and detailed cockpit with instrument panels and pilots contribute to the scale realism
  • Includes all necessary hardware, from the fuel tank to prebuilt pushrods, enabling a hassle-free building process
  • Easy to follow assembly manual
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Seagull Models AT-6 Texan 10-15cc Master Scale Edition Kit

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Product Information

The AT-6 Texan Master Scale Edition Kit allows you to recreate this aviation icon with a classic design and exceptional attention to detail. Beginner scale modellers can follow the comprehensive instructions, achieving a model resembling the full-size AT-6 Texan. For experienced builders, the possibilities are boundless where they can find ways to enhance the scale realism further to make the AT-6 Texan 63” 10-15cc a standout.

Constructed from light plywood and balsa sheet laser cutting, this kit ensures a sturdy yet lightweight airframe. The package includes a pre-painted fibreglass cowl, wheel pants, a detailed cockpit, instrument panels, and two pilots. The comprehensive hardware package contains essential parts like the fuel tank, wheels, tail wheel assembly, prebuilt pushrods, and the tools required for assembling your very own plane.

What you need

  • 4+ channel radio and receiver
  • 6 digital servos
  • 10-15cc engine or equivalent electric motor
  • Covering & Decoration of your choice
  • Assorted glues


Wing area
128cm/ 50.4in
2.8- 3.5kg/ 6.2- 7.7lbs
Engine 2-stroke/ 4-stroke (not included)
4 channels with 6 digital servos (not included)
Flying skill level

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