Seagull Model Yak 3 Stedfast RC Plane, 15cc ARF, SGYAK3-20CC

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  • Covered in genuine matt Oracover film
  • Factory painted glass fibre engine cowl
  • Detailed cockpit with lightweight painted pilot.
  • Removable forward hatch for easy radio and flight battery access.
  • Two-piece wing panels aid storage and simplify transportation.
  • Scale details including dummy radial engine, LED landing lights, sprung tail wheel, and more.
  • Crystal clear screwon canopy moulding.
  • Mechanical retracts with sprung oleostyle legs and dummy torque links.
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Seagull Model Yak 3 Stedfast RC Plane, 15cc ARF, SGYAK3-20CC

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Product Information

The Yakovlev Yak-3 was a Soviet fighter aircraft during World War II. It was liked by many pilots and ground crew thanks to its robust and easy to maintain the structure. This fighter aircraft was also known as one of the smallest and lightest major combat fighters of the time and its high power-to-weight ratio assists an excellent performance. World War II French ace Marcel Albert, who flew the Yak in USSR with the Normandie-Niémen Group, considered it a superior aircraft to the P-51D Mustang and the Supermarine Spitfire.

Seagull Models have once again grabbed our attention with one of it's latest models and replica of the famous Soviet fighter with the Yak 3U Steadfast. This model is of high quality and lightweight balsa/plywood construction with an authentic scale colour scheme.


Experience level
Intermediate / Advanced
160 cm / 63 in
Wing area
46.7 / 723.9
Overall length
140.6 cm / 55.4 in
Flying weight
5.2 kg / 11.5 lbs
Power system
15-20 cc gasoline engine
EP conversion
7 channels