Seagull Model Funky Cub Utility RC Plane, 15cc, ARF, SGFUNKYCUB-15CC-R

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  • A classic balsa and plywood ARF (Almost-Ready-To-Fly)
  • Amazing flight envelope is sure to satisfy beginners, intermediate, and expert pilots
  • All major components are factory built and finished
  • Modern construction methods utilise CAD design and laser-cut parts
  • Covered in genuine UltraCoteĀ® covering film
  • Factory painted fibreglass cowling
  • Operating Flaps for expanded flight envelope
  • 2-piece plug-in wing for easy transport
  • Strong aluminium wing joiner tube joiner
  • Durable landing gear
  • Designed for gasoline/glow engines or electric power
  • Detachable windscreen for easy battery swapping
  • Comes with all hardware and accessories
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Seagull Model Funky Cub Utility RC Plane, 15cc, ARF, SGFUNKYCUB-15CC-R

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Product Information

SEAGULL Models are known as well engineered traditional ARF models built mostly in wood, with an excellent price to performance ratio. The Funky Cub is designed to be a fun loving everyday model that you will enjoy taking to the R/C field whenever you are looking for easy relaxing flying. You will like its trainer stability characteristics with plenty of aerobatic performance. Operating flaps widen the already broad flight envelope. Suitable for glow, gas, or electric power.


Wing Span
1800 mm
Wing Area
51.2 sq. dm
1280 mm
Weight (approx.)
3.7 kg
Rec. Engine
10 - 15 cc Gas or Glow or equivalent Electric Motor
Radio Req.
6-Channel with 8 Servos