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Rage RC Stinger 240 RC Drone, RTF

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Including many features and everything you need in the box, the Stinger 240 RC Drone is the perfect first FPV drone.
  • Aerial photography and videography
  • High-definition camera
  • WiFi FPV
  • Heading lock mode
  • Altitude hold mode
  • One touch take-off & landing
  • Low battery alert
  • High intensity LED’s
  • 6-axis gyro control
  • 360 degree Flips
  • 2.4Ghz control system
  • USB charger

Rage RC Stinger 240 Camera Drone

Looking for a full-featured FPV drone at a price that won’t break your budget? Then the Rage RC Stinger 240 FPV Drone is the ideal product! The Stinger includes features that are typically found only on aircraft costing much more; such as Altitude Hold, Heading Lock, 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization Control, HD video, and more. For even greater value, it includes bonus features like a metal-framed, hard-sided carry case, a complimentary set of VR goggles so you can experience the wonders of first-person-view flying, and an extra battery pack for the additional flying time needed to obtain those “perfect” images and videos.

The Stinger’s FPV feature works via WiFi app to display real-time flight video and additional telemetry information on your smartphone or tablet. Flight images and videos can be saved to your device or to the included 4G micro memory card. Additionally, the Stinger is capable of using your device as a transmitter or flown using the included traditional RC transmitter.

The Stinger 240 FPV is a Ready-To-Fly drone, so it arrives factory-assembled with everything needed to experience the thrills of FPV flight. In addition to its long list of features, you receive a standard size 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter, a 300mA USB charger for the flight batteries and propeller guards that can be installed for extra protection from the blades when in flight. Even the AA batteries for the transmitter are included, so you can be taking high-quality FPV photos and videos within minutes of opening the box!

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Total width (motor shaft to motor shaft)
9 3/4” (250mm)
Prop size
5” (127mm)
3 1/2” (89mm)
4.6 oz. (130g)
3.7V 650mAh LiPo battery
8520 Coreless (4 total)
mA USB charger
4-channel, 2.4GHz
Rage RC

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    Review by Juls on 14/02/2018
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    The drone flys well in the maximum setting, it doesn't really work at all in the beginner and intermediate setting and as a result i broke a prop almost immediatly on first flight in stock settings because the drone wouldn't respond as expected and just slowly flew along into a small bush.

    (I immediatly ordered more props assuming i would need them).

    I quickly figured out you need to use the max setting to be able to control the drone (setting 3) there is not enough control on the 1 and 2 setting to be able to put the drone where you want it and keep it out of trouble.

    My camera at least, seems to be "zoomed in" so you need to go quite high to be able to take a direct down photo 100 metres square, at which point you have lost wifi for the camera (at probably 40-50 metres high)

    The video quality looks like a camera on 20x digital zoom on my model. photos and video are illegible pile of pixelation. Luckily i didn't buy the drone for it's photo or video capability, as it's ultimately unusable.

    The controls for take off and especially landing, often need to be pressed over and over to get a response, often the controls don't seem to respond at all when the drone is more than 40 or so metres away. It works best about 20 metres away.

    I had 2 quite good runs with no accidents the following morning after recieving the drone. Late that afternoon I went to use the drone again and it wouldn't take off and veered off to one side constantly. I discovered a microscopic amount of dust (yes just dust) had got on the gears from taking off on grass, which was causing the gears and maybe the prop shafts to bind just ever so slightly (just a tiny amount of friction difference), rendering the drone to no longer be able to be flown. I tried cleaning with a little isopropyl alcohol with no luck. It seems a little rediculous that the gears are simply open underneath and therefore prone to any dust kickup as it takes off.

    I wasn't expecting alot at this price, but honestly was hoping for a little bit more than what i got.

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