Rage RC Jetpack Commander Drone, RTF, Red , No Longer Available

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Rage RC Jetpack Commander Drone, RTF, Red


  • "Human-style" drone
  • Auto-take off and landing
  • Cardboard hoop, heli-pad and adhesive streamers included
  • Sticker set included
  • USB charger
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Rage RC Jetpack Commander Drone, RTF, Red , No Longer Available

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Product Information

Jet Pack Commander

The Jetpack Commander is an RTF “human-style” drone that is ridiculously simple and easy to fly but includes added value items to enhance the play value of the drone. Auto take-off and landing flips, and other stunts are easily performed even by novice pilots.

Additional play value is be included in the package, consisting of a cardboard “hoop” that pilots can fly through to simulate what they see on TV with DRL (drone racing league) broadcasts, as well as a helipad for spot landing competitions. In addition, there will be coloured streamers with an adhesive that can be easily attached to the JPC in order to have “combat” flights with your friends to see who can cut the other persons’ streamer.

The Jetpack Commander comes in two colours, with additional customisation supplied by a sheet of adhesive stickers that will allow you to personalise your vehicle.

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