Proline Twin I-Beam 2WD Pre-Runner Suspension Conversion Kit for SCX-10 I and II

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This 1/10 Twin I-Beam 2WD Pre-Runner Suspension Conversion Kit is compatible with the Axial SCX10 I/II (AXI03025T1, AXI03025T2)



  • Highly detailed, durable, scale-looking molded I-Beam Arms, Radius Arms and Trailing Arms
  • Improved Stability and Optimized Handling
  • True-swing set Steering Using Stainless Steel Links and Pivot Balls
  • New Front Shock Tower with Dual Shock Mounting Options for Added Adjustability and Versatility
  • Trailing Arms with Adjustable Wheelbase
  • Rear-mounted Battery Tray for Optimal Weight Distribution and Performance
  • Capture the Desert Racing Spirit and Breathe New Life into your SCX10™
  • Includes plastics and hardware needed to Completely Transform the Axial® SCX10™ I/II to a 2WD Twin I-Beam Pre-Runner
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Proline Twin I-Beam 2WD Pre-Runner Suspension Conversion Kit for SCX-10 I and II

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Product Information

Transform your SCX10™ I/II into a 2WD Desert Truck with Pro-Line's Twin I-Beam Pre-Runner Suspension Kit! In the early days of offroad desert racing, I-Beam trucks became the standard suspension setup due to their uncompromised durability, easily attained long-travel and overall simplicity. Now, you can capture that desert racing spirit using your SCX10™ I/II kit as a base to build a 1/10 scale pre-runner.

The Twin I-Beam front suspension consists of two long "I-beam" arms that cross one another in an X-pattern. These arms control the lateral forces applied to the wheels, while radius arms reach backward toward the center skid plate to stabilize each wheel in the fore-aft direction. This super-scale conversion kit utilizes the same geometry setup as 1:1 trucks with true swingset steering and center-mount radius arms to optimize handling throughout the entire suspension travel.

The I-Beam conversion kit includes everything you need to easily convert your rig and completely change the driving experience of your SCX10™. Stainless steel links and steel pivot balls provide dependable endurance, while the new battery tray moves the battery to the rear of the vehicle for optimal weight bias and performance. The new front shock tower features holes for dual shock mounting, and the new rear trailing arms have 3 wheelbase options for added adjustability and versatility.

Get ready to hit the open desert trails with the Pro-Line I-Beam Pre-Runner Conversion!

Please note: Main Chassis components and Electronics are not included.


PRO638500 | Twin I-Beam 2WD Pre-Runner Suspension Conversion Kit for SCX10™ I & II


Highly detailed, durable, scale-looking molded I-Beam Arms, Radius Arms, and Trailing Arms allow for simple, long travel suspension



True-Swing Set Steering using stainless steel links and pivot balls optimizes handling



New front Shock Tower allows for dual shock mounting options



Trailing arms with 3 adjustable wheelbase locations and rear-mounted battery tray for weight distribution


What you need

  • Axial® SCX10™ I/II Kit with electronics or RTR
  • Tools: 1.5mm / 2.0mm hex driver, 5.5mm nut driver, 7mm nut driver / wheel nut wrench, Needle-nose pliers, Flush cutters

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