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Phoenix Boomerang 60 II RC Trainer Plane, ARF

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Get ready to soar with the Boomerang 60 Mk II RC plane from Phoenix; a brilliant trainer designed especially for beginners.

  • Sprung offset Oleo nose absorbs hard landings
  • Flat bottom wing section and flaps give you slow flight characteristics
  • Nitro and electric engine mounts included
  • Fuel tank also included with the plane
  • Light weight Laser-cut balsa and plywood construction
  • All built-up wings and tail surfaces
  • High quality horns, pushrod, wheels, spinner and accessories included

Let your flying adventure begin with the Boomerang 60 Mk II RC plane from Phoenix. This remote control plane is an excellent choice for beginners, given its gentle flying characteristics. Constructed from laser-cut balsa and plywood, this lightweight plane is very easy to fly. Its flat bottom wing section and flaps give you ultra-slow flight characteristics. The Boomerang RC plane also comes with a sprung offset Oleo nose leg to absorb any hard landing.

You will also notice that this plane comes with nitro and electric fuel mounts, in addition to a fuel tank. The attention to detail with this Phoenix remote control plane is evident, with its all built-up wings and tail surfaces, factory-covered in high-quality pre-painted PVC. For extra security, all hinges on this RC plane are installed and pinned. You will also receive high quality horns, pushrods, wheels, spinner and accessories included with your purchase. Do not wait any longer to secure this superb trainer plane. Order the Boomerang 60 now. (PHBOOMERANG60V2)

What you Need
  • Engine. We recommend the Evolution 10CC Petrol Engine (EVOE10GX)
  • Servos. We recommend four JR ES539 servos (JRPS539)
  • Battery. We recommend the Eneloop 2000mAh NiMH (5/HR-3UTG HMP-JR)
  • Propeller. We recommend the APC 12x8 glow propeller (APCLP12080)
  • Receiver. We recommend the Spektrum AR6210 (SPMAR6210)
  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX6 (SPM6700AU1)
  • Gas Conversion Stopper. We recommend the Dubro Stopper (DBR400)
1880mm (74)
Fuselage Length
1440mm (56.5)
Flying Weight (Approximately)
4kg (nitro version)
Phoenix Models
  • Boomerang 2, size for 60.

    Review by Chris on 13/07/2014
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    Great solid plane. I fitted mine with an OS75AX , made some small modifications inside front fuselage to fit bigger Dubro fuel tank.
    I also converted the landing gear to a tail dragger configuration which is his much more solid and easier to operate on grass.
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