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Hangar 9 Spitfire Mk IX Model Plane, ARF

ETA Mar 05

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A stunning scale replica, the Spitfire Mk IX from Hangar 9 is a finely-engineered model plane.

  • Accurate UltraCote covering with panel line detail
  • Split-flaps operational and come with internal linkages
  • Authentic scale outline
  • Detailed cowl featuring carburetor and compressor intakes and molded engine exhaust
  • Constructed from lightweight balsa and plywood
  • Fixed landing gear, gear doors, scale tyres and 4-spoke Spitfire wheels
  • Comes with painted aluminum spinner
  • Wing cannons and radio antenna included
  • Convenient three-piece, plug-in wings
  • Wing radiators with matching paint
  • Magnetic top-hatch accessible and conceals power switches
  • Comes with two scale decal and identification number sets
  • Includes painted, one-piece canopy and cockpit
  • Hardware package included

The Striking Hangar 9 Spitfire

Modelled on the Royal Air Force's famed Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXc, the Hangar 9 Spitfire nitro plane captures the essence of the original fighter. This Spitfire can be run using electric or gas power and features realistic scale details, such as the printed covering in authentic Mk IXc camouflage colours. You will also notice the fine-point panel and marking details. This RC plane can also accomodate E-Flite electric retracts (sold separately). Hangar 9 have used genuine UltraCote material on this plane to give it a great appearance combined with the durability that UltraCote are known for. Please note that the Spitfire comes almost-ready-to-fly, so there are several items you will require in order to complete this model. Please refer to the "What You Need" section for more details. This is a state-of-the-art remote control plane for pilots who appreciate accurate scale detail and historical value. Order yours now.

What you Need

Internal Combustion Setup

  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX8 (SPMR88101)
  • Receiver. We recommend the Spektrum AR8000 (SPMAR8000)
  • Servos. We recommend 8 Spektrum A6180 servos (SPMSA6180)
  • Receiver Pack. We recommend the Thunder Power G8 2700mAh (TPB2700-2SPPRX)
  • Ignition Battery. We recommend the Thunder Power G8 2700mAh (TPB2700-2SPPRX)
  • Charger. We recommend the Imax B6 (IMAXB6)
  • Engine. We recommend the Evolution 33GX (EVOE33GX)
  • Propeller. We recommend the APC 18 x 8 competition propeller (APCLP18080)

Electric Power

  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX8 (SPMR88101)
  • Receiver. We recommend the Spektrum AR8000 (SPMAR8000)
  • Servos. We recommend 7 Spektrum A6180 servos (SPMSA6180)
  • Motor. We recommend the E-Flite Power 160 (EFLM4160A)
  • ESC. We recommend the Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 120 (CSE010010400)
  • Battery. We recommend 2 Thunder Power G8 5000mAh LiPo batteries (TPB5000-6SPF70)
  • Receiver Pack. We recommend the Thunder Power G8 2700mAh (TPB2700-2SPPRX)
  • Charger. We recommend the Imax B6 (IMAXB6)
  • Propeller.
81.0 in (205 cm)
Overall Length
64.5 in (164 cm)
Wing Area
1165 sq. in. (75.1 sq. dm.)
Flying Weight
16.5-18.5 lb (7.50-8.40 kg)
Engine Size
30-40cc 2-stroke gas/petrol; 30cc 4-stroke gas/petrol; 1.80-2.20 4-stroke glow
Motor Size
Power 160
6+ channel radio system required
8 servos required (7 for EP)
Recommended Receiver Battery
2700mAh 6.0V NiMH receiver pack
Trim Scheme Colors
Printed UltraCote
CG (Center of Gravity)
4.75 in (121mm) back from the leading edge of wing at fuselage
Prop Size
17- to 19-inch diameter propeller
Spinner Size
4.25 in (108mm)
Speed Control
85-amp HV brushless
Recommended Motor Battery
37.0V 10S 5000mAh LiPo
Control Throw (Ailerons)
Low: 16mm up, 14mm down, 20% expo; High: 25mm up, 22mm down, 20% expo
Control Throw (Elevator)
Low: 10mm up, 8mm down, 20% expo; High: 17mm up, 14mm down, 20% expo
Control Throw (Rudder)
Low: 32mm right/left, 20% expo; High: 51mm right/left, 20% expo
Control Throw (Flaps)
Mid: 22mm down; Full: 67mm down
Is Assembly Required
Plane Type
Scale Military
Power Plant Size
1.6-2.4 2-Cycle Gas
Recommended Environment
Fuel Type
Hangar 9

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