Flex Innovation Ventique 60E ARF w/servos

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The Ventique 60E is an thrilling new RC plane from Premier Aircraft and has been designed by Quique Somenzini.


  • Outstanding 3D performance
  • Lightweight airframe
  • Pre-installed aileron hinges and control horns
  • Factory-installed servos
  • Horns customised for great 3D control throws
  • Comes with 3-inch spinner with aluminum backplate
  • Covered in genuine Oracover
  • Landing gear made from carbon fibre
  • Innovative "shark teeth" leading edge included
  • Comes with optional SFGs
  • Includes protective wing bags
  • Comes with decorative decals
  • Servos, arms and linkages installed
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Flex Innovation Ventique 60E ARF w/servos

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Product Information

An Exciting New RC Plane

Introducing the Ventique 60E. This RC plane is the first model to be created by Premier Aircraft and has been designed by four-time TOC and F3A World Champion, Quique Somenzini. Somenzini has been behind some great planes including the Inverza and Visionaire. You can see similar leading-edge design in this new RC plane. The Ventique is constructed from lightweight balsa, plywood and carbon. It offers some innovative aerodynamic features to give you great performance with precise handling. Among these features is a new "Shark Teeth" leading edge, which makes the stall softer and minimises wing rocking. This model plane has been designed to ensure a light wing loading. Its landing gear and spar have been made from carbon, giving you a light feel when performing 3D maneuvers such as harriers and hovers. What's more, this version of the Ventique comes with four factory-installed Flex Potenza servos. These high voltage servos come with titanium gears and gives you the precise control needed to perform at your peak. Additionally, the Ventique comes with G-10 custom control horns and a bright Oracover covering. Please note that this plane comes almost-ready-to-fly, so there are several items you will need to complete the model. Please refer to the "What You Need" section for more information. The Ventique is an exciting new plane from an exciting new company in RC. If you cannot wait to take it for a spin, order yours now.

What you need

  • Flight Battery. We recommend the Dualsky 3850 (DSBXP38506ULT)
  • Motor. We recommend the Flex Potenza 60 (FPZM1060A)
  • ESC. We recommend the Flex HW Skywalker (FPTVHWBQ8012)
  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX9 (SPMR99001AU)
  • Propeller.
  • Receiver Battery.


160cm (63.0")
152cm (60.2")
3.6kg (7lb 15oz)
Wing Area
5,322 sq. cm (825 sq. in.)
3300-5000 6S

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