Parkzone Conscendo Advance RC Glider, PNP

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Parkzone have released the Conscendo Advanced RC Glider. Featuring a 1.5m wingspan, brushless motor and durable EPO foam construction this lightweight design electric glider is the perfect step up from the trainer airplane that is still easy to fly and delivers on fun.


  • Constructed from super durable, lightweight EPO foam
  • 30A ESC and powerful 370-size brushless motor installed
  • Easily accessible and large battery hatch
  • Electric glider capable of aerobatic performance
  • Easily assembled with two piece, plug-in wings
  • With a mix of sport flying and soaring achieve long flight times
  • Four micro servos installed with simple 4-channel control
  • Best LiPo option is 1300mAh 3S 11.1V 20C
  • Enhance the soaring experience with the foldback propeller
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Parkzone Conscendo Advance RC Glider, PNP

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Product Information

ParkZone Conscendo Advance RC Glider

This brand new ParkZone glider is capable of being enjoyed just about anywhere you can get time in the air. The Conscendo Advanced 1.5m sport glider has the lines and design to get you through the air in sports aerobatic fashion, or, in a mellow, energy efficient soaring flight. With no landing gear, the weight on this electric glider is kept down along with drag levels as you soar through the air. The large wing area that the Conscendo electric glider has at its disposal ensures lower touchdown speeds and high lift potential. The Conscendo Advance is easily assembled with a two piece wing design that goes together and comes apart quickly utilising a strong carbon fibre joiner tube. In order to give you a faster climb rate the upgraded 370-size brushless outrunner motor combined with a 30-amp ESC installed in the Conscendo gets you to altitude quickly so you can get into gliding once your propellers fold back and prolong your flight time using thermals and gliding technique. If power and aerobatic manoeuvering is your thing the Conscendo can also handle sport flying with an excellent flight envelope for a craft this size.

Constructed with durable EPO foam

Good foam gliders are almost always constructed with EPO. The EPO foam allows designers to create strong, lightweight precision models that can be reinforced where it’s most needed. On the Conscendo Advance this would be the nose in case you deck it, or, the belly for the landings. The EPO foam is also easy to maintain and ensures your electric glider always looks its best in the air.

The propellers on this ParkZone glider will automatically fold when the ESC brake function kicks in and will ensure increased gliding performance and safer landings.

Sport performance with a soaring edge

The 4-channel control on the Conscendo Advanced gives it the unique ability to perform advanced aerobatics like a smaller, sleeker sport model. Combine that with its aerodynamic design and this ParkZone glider is a more than capable soarer as well as the perfect step up aeroplane for the novice pilot.

This model glider also comes in a Bind-N-Fly Basic version.

What you need

Full-range, 4+ channel transmitter and receiver
1250–1350mAh 3S 11.1V 20C LiPo flight battery
3S compatible LiPo charger


59.0 in (1500mm)
Overall Length
39.6 in (1005mm)
Flying Weight
22.9 Oz (650 grams)
Motor Size
370 1100kV Brushless outrunner
Recommended Battery
1300 3 cell Li-po (sold separately)

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