OS Engines MAX-11CZ-A .11 Size Aircraft Engine

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The renowned machine of the former machine CZ - 11 was renewed and revived in the engine for 10 class small aircraft.


  • Adopted a newly designed 12H carburettor with a diagonal needle which emphasizes easy handling. It is a safe design that makes needle operation easier.
  • Adopted aluminium rounded heat sink head. It also matches classical aircraft such as golden age.
  • It adopts 871 silencer of mild sound quality excelling in sound deadening. The exhausting direction suitable for the airframe can be chosen as the exhaust port which rotates 360 °.
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OS Engines MAX-11CZ-A .11 Size Aircraft Engine

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Product Information

Adopting a newly designed 12H carburettor that is easy to handle and easy to operate. The classical design also matches the nostalgic aircraft of the Golden Age.


Stroke volume:
1.79 cc / 0.109 cu.in.
13.44 mm / 0.529 in.
12.65 mm / 0.498 in.
0.28 ps / 0.28 hp / 17,000 rpm
Practical rotation speed:
2,500 - 17,000 rpm
161.0 g / 5.68 oz
Silencer weight:
37.0 g / 1.31 oz