Multiplex Fun Cub XL RC Plane Kit

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1200mm in length, Multiplex’s Fun Cub XL model plane kit is sure fun to fly.


  • 1700mm wingspan
  • Low minimum flying speed - great for aerobatics!
  • Extremely precise, mature flying characteristics
  • Large, soft wheels provide off-road ability
  • Pre-cut decal sheet
  • Separate wing panels for ease of transport
  • Instructions included – it doesn’t get any more convenient
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Multiplex Fun Cub XL RC Plane Kit

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Product Information

The strong, lightweight Multiplex Fun Cub XL

The Multiplex Fun Cub XL's offset landing flaps and large, soft tyres makes it easy to take off on almost any strip – no matter the descent.

The Fun Cub XL scale plane is large in features, with just as much fun to match. You can fly it just about anywhere.

Customise your kit, add your electronics

As this is a kit version, you will need to purchase a few things to get the plane in the air. Please refer to the "What you need" section below for our recommendations, or add your own electronics to your kit.

The Fun Club XL's design details sets a new standard in it's class. The “M-frame technology” boasts great fuselage, while strong, lightweight carbon fibre tubes do the same for the wings.

With large control surfaces, plenty of power and it's well balanced handling makes aerobatics a breeze. Climb, roll and impress, with the Fun Cub XL.

The plane you can’t miss in the sky

With unique details like the Multiplex Fun Cub XL has, you’ll stand out. All eyes are on the Cub with the LED covers for the lighting system – inspired on the winning POWER-MULTIight – the aero-tow release, and a big load bay.

For XL fun, choose the Multiplex Fun Cub XL.

Order yours today. 


5 Servos
Radio System
7 - 10 Channel
All-up Weight