Multiplex Easy Star II RC Plane Kit

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  • Folding propeller for reduced drag in glider mode
  • Protected pod motor mount
  • Easily detachable tail plane for ease of transport
  • Large internal space with ample room for high capacity LiPo packs
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Multiplex Easy Star II RC Plane Kit

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Updated and upgraded, the quick-to-build and easy-to-fly EasyStar II is sure to become one of your favorite models. Based on one of Hitec's most popular aircraft, the original EasyStar, this improved kit boasts larger internal space, more payload capability and optional ailerons. It is designed to accept a powerful brushless motor which makes it a versatile, durable aircraft sure to impress both the beginner and more advanced pilots. Its gentle gliding characteristics and ease of transport make the EasyStar II effortless hobby fun.


Airfoil Shape:
Flat bottom, high wing configuration
CG (Center of Gravity):
3.07" (78mm) back from the wing's leading edge at the fuselage sides
UP: 0.20" (5mm) DOWN: 0.16" (4mm)
Flying Weight:
24.7 oz (700g)
38.5" (978mm)
Motor Size:
200-watt 28mm brushless motor
Recommended Fuel:
Recommended Motor Battery:
11.1V 3S 1600~2500mAh LiPo battery
Right & Left 0.39" (10mm)
Speed Control:
17-Amp (or higher) brushless ESC
Wing Area:
435 sq in (2810 sq dm)
Wing Loading:
8.28 oz/sq ft (25.27 g/sq dm)
53.8 in (1366mm)