Kontronik Kontronik Spur Gear, Rear Side Long

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Kontronik Kontronik Spur Gear, Rear Side Long


  • Static thrust >32 kg
  • >10 kW peak power
  • >5 kW continuous power
  • Compact construction
  • Light weight
  • Gear ratio 4:1
  • Low-wear of gears because of material pairing
  • Angular contact ball bearings
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Kontronik Kontronik Spur Gear, Rear Side Long

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Product Information

In combination with the PYRO 850-50L or PYRO 1000-48L the KONTRONIK spur gear (KSG) is a real innovation, especially for airplanes. It fits perfectly for towplanes and 100 / 120 scale models.  The KSG can be used, where gas engines are forbidden: silent, clean, odourless.

KSG offers multiple possibilities of mounting. Depending on the version, it can be mounted on the front, on the back or the sides. Despite its power, it has a very compact construction (BHT 132 x 108,3 x 135,5 mm when mounted on the back) and lightweight (ca. 1.300 resp. 1.500 g motor included). 

Further features are a combination of gear wheels materials that are more resistant to wear and special ball bearings. The gear ratio is 4:1.