Horejsi Models Q12X 2m Composite Electric Glider

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Horejsis Q12 graceful RC glider that builds upon the standard set by its processor, the Q11.


  • Lightweight but very stiff and strong model
  • Excellent soaring capabilities
  • Ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevator and throttle control
  • Ideal for ALES and F5J competition
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Horejsi Models Q12X 2m Composite Electric Glider

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Product Information

Horejsi's Q12 remote control glider is a majestic model. Designed as a continuation of the electric Q11 glider, the Q12's wing is equipped with a series of profiles of AG 40, 41, 42 and 43. This RC glider comes with a double wing dihedral and ailerons up to the end of thewings. In keeping with the standards of the Q11, all the parts on the Q12 (with the exception of the wings) are the same as its predecessor. The laminate wing design of the Q12 provides high stiffness and dimensional stability. This is important given the high aspect ratio of the wing. The brakes and ailerons are also dimensionally stable and do not warp. Each half of the wing is made as one piece; with the dihedrals made by bending the wings during lamination (the rudders are made using the same technology).

This design gives you maximum strength at minimum weight. The rear part of the fuselage is constructed from standard tube glass and carbon. The control rods are also made of carbon and are very light, incorporating several glands of white plastic pipe. The gondola/pod in this remote control glider will suit a large range of power units from the smallest brushless to motors with gears. The Q12 is designed for a BEC controller, but if your servos require more consumption, you may wish to use a separate regulator. For a beautiful gliding experience, Horejsi's Q12 is an excellent choice. Order yours today.

What you need

• Motor Dualsky XM2826EA-10 (DSXM2826EA-10)
• Speed Control Dualsky XC22 Lite (DSXC22LITE)
• Battery Dualsky 1300 2S LiPO (DSBXP13002EX)
• Propellor 10 x 6 Graupner CAM folder (GRP1336.25.15)
• Spinner 32mm suit 3.2mm (IHSP32.3.2)
• Servos 6 pieces of E-flite DS60 servo (EFLRDS60)
• Receiver, minimum 7 channels. Spektrum AR7010 (SPMAR7010) or JR RG831B (JRPRG831B)


Span (mm)
2000 mm
Length (mm)
1210 mm
Weight empty (g)
from 310
Weight with recommended equipment (g)
from 530
Profiles wings
AG 40, 41, 42, 43

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