Horejsi Geronimo II X Electric ARF Glider 2540mm span

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Geronimo II X is new version of the original Geronimo 100" F5J style electric thermal glider that includes a number of new features.



  • New MID line wing airfoil
  • New fuselage pod
  • Lighter tail boom
  • Wing and tail made from fine-grade styrofoam, covered with glasscloth/ carbon fibre mesh
  • Carbon strip spars
  • Classical design
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Horejsi Geronimo II X Electric ARF Glider 2540mm span

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Product Information

Geronimo II X is new version of the original Geronimo.

There are number of  new features.
The wing airfoil was changed. Instead of the AD series airfoils the new MID line are used.
The fuselage pod was changed. Its shape in front of the wing differs. Also, the fuselage under the wing saddle is higher. Now it can accept both tail servos. The pushrods are shorter. The common 1 meter pushrods can be used.
The space in the fuselage in front of the wing was increased and it can easily accept the parts of the power unit.
The tailboom is lighter, what decreased overall weight of the model.
The wing and tail cores are  produced of fine-grade styrofoam. It is covered with single layer of glasscloth 38 grams/m2, with carbon fibre mesh (Disser).
The spar consists of carbon strips.
The fuselage is of classical design: carbon/Kevlar pod and carbon/glass boom.
The power unit setup is designed so that the model could climb 200 meters within 30 seconds. The power train consists of the Dualsky motor XM2830EG, 3S battery and prop Aeronaut 9x5 - 10x6.

What you need

  • Servos
  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Battery
  • Propeller
  • Spinner
  • Charger
  • Radio and compatible receiver
  • Servo Extensions


2540 mm
Wing area
43 dm2
1410 mm
Empty weight
ca 430 g
RTF weight
ca 720 g (depends on the equipment used)
Wing loading
ca 16 g/dm2
Wing airfoil
Spinner dia.
32 mm
CG position
ca 90 mm from LE at root
Rudder and elevator, ailerons, flaps, throttle.

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