Hangar 9 SU26MM Sukhoi 3.1m RC Plane, ARF

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The Sukhoi SU26MM is a competition-grade RC plane from Hangar 9 that was built for high performance.


  • Designed for global competition
  • Double spar box wing design
  • Can accomodate 150 - 170cc engine
  • Fiberglass cowl with painted canopy hatch
  • Lightweight, yet durable balsa/plywood construction
  • Wing and stab tubes made from carbon fibre
  • Comes with painted pilot and hardware
  • Can accomodate tuned pipe or canister exhaust
  • Trim scheme from Mike McConville
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Hangar 9 SU26MM Sukhoi 3.1m RC Plane, ARF

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Product Information

The Hangar 9 Sukhoi Stunner

The Sukhoi SU-26MM is a 3.1m RC plane designed by Mike McConville (who also designed the smaller-scale ParkZone Sukhoi). It was created especially for IMAC competition and is constructed from durable, lightweight balsa and plywood. The plane has a low wing loading and great aileron authority, allowing you to perform fast rolls and 3D maneuvers. The Sukhoi has plug-in wings, with the fibreglass cowl and wheel pants come pre-painted. You will also notice the bold UltraCote trim scheme. Please note that this plane comes almost-ready-to-fly, so there are several items you will need to complete the model. Please refer to the "What You Need" section below. For competitve performance, or all-round thrills, the Hangar 9 Sukhoi is a must-have. Order yours now.

What you need

  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX18 (SPM18101)
  • Engine.
  • Receiver. We recommend the Spektrum AR122200 (SPMAR12200)
  • Propeller.
  • Spinner.
  • Servos. We recommend 8 JR DS8921HV servos (JRPS8921HV) and 1 JR DS8411 servo (JRPS8411)
  • Batteries. We recommend the Thunder Power G8 3800mAh LiPo batteries (TPB3800-2SPPRX)


122 in (3.1m)
Overall Length
117 in (3.0m)
Wing Area
2770 sq in (179 sq dm)
Flying Weight
38.0 - 42.0 lb (17.2-19.1kg)
Engine Size
150cc - 170cc Gas Engine
4 channel radio system minimum
9 to 14
Trim Scheme Colors
Cream (U878), Orange (U877), Pearl Purple (U847), Silver (U881)
Wing Loading
33 oz/sq ft
Prop Size
30-32 inch
Spinner Size
5 inch
Recommended Battery
Two (2) 4000mAh receiver batteries
Control Throw (Ailerons)
Low: 22°, 40% expo; High: 35°, 55% expo
Control Throw (Elevator)
Low: 12°, 40% expo; High: 45°, 70% expo
Control Throw (Rudder)
Low: 25°, 40% expo; High: 40°, 45% expo
Minimum Age Recommendation
14 years
Experience Level
Recommended Environment
Assembly Time
Is Assembly Required

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