Flex Innovations RV8 Super PNP RC Plane, Orange, FPM3570B

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The versatile RV-8 Super PNP from Flex Innovations is a lightweight, RC plane that has a flight envelope that will challenge the experts but is forgiving enough for beginners.

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  • Assembles in less than an hour
  • Carbon fibre and wood wing structure covered with durable EPO foam
  • Superior cooling and battery mounting provided by the inventive plywood sub-frame which allows the motor to be securely fixed to the fuselage
  • Low speed control provided by Vortex generators
  • Metal geared DS34 digital servos x 6 for flaps, elevators, rudder and ailerons
  • 500Kv size 70 all metal motor gives remarkable power
  • Cutting edge Aura 8 Control system
  • Incredible scale lines and detail enhance your flying experience
  • Lightweight, two-piece wing for easy loading, transportation, handling and field assembly
  • Easy equipment/battery access through a large top hatch
  • Increased scale appeal and durability provided by aluminium 6061-T6 landing gear
  • 10Amp/5V switching BEC with a 100amp ZTW BL motor controller
  • Optimized throw and precision using custom control horns
  • Designed to accommodate a varied array of battery sizes and their associated performance levels
  • Tail mounted elevator and rudder servos for immediate precision and control
  • Trim scheme is factory applied for a superb finish
  • Remarkable STOL capability due to large flaps
  • Replace or customize cockpit occupant with removable pilot
  • Eye-catching LED light system – internally mounted LED’s that emit light from inside the plane, and, two LED spot lights that shine back on the tail for illuminated night flying
  • Mid-flight control over LED light system for bright light or code black flying
  • Navigation light system installed to scale detail
  • Brilliant manoeuvrability provided by large control surfaces
  • Custom tooled 17.5 x 7” Somenzini-Ribbe (SR) Prop that gives the pilot impressive grip at all speeds
  • Ball linkages used for secured and precise control
  • Airframe equipped with float installation points if you choose to retrofit
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Flex Innovations RV8 Super PNP RC Plane, Orange, FPM3570B

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Product Information

Sporty and versatile

Whether in the air or on the ground the RV-8 Super PNP from Flex Innovations demands attention. With its spectacular paint scheme, scale canopy, and lines that are bound to catch the eye, this is one RC plane that you’ll love flying.

Aerobatic RC Plane

An advanced flight control system

For an electric RC plane the RV-8 Super has enough aerobatic manoeuvres in its repertoire to keep advanced flyers happy and with a finely tuned power to weight ratio it is friendly and predictable enough for beginners also. Included in the RV-8 Super package is the Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System (A8AFCS). The A8AFCS offers a level of in-flight stabilization that is industry leading and gives the pilot precise aircraft control even in an RC plane of this size. Pre-programmed with 3 flight modes the A8AFCS caters for all levels of a flyer with – Low Rate/Gyro Off, Low Rate/Gyro On, and, High Rate/Live-Wing/Gyro On – to choose from. The A8AFCS only requires you to connect to your receiver and it will work with any receiver and transmitter brand on the market.

With a hollow structure and carbon fibre/plywood in critical locations the RV-8 can boast an advanced plywood sub-structure that allows the power system to be secured to the landing gear mount and the wing tube. This enables this RC plane to run smoothly even when you are applying high power. With an outer layer of EPO foam the exterior of the RV-8 Super is not only rugged and durable but also repairable in case you put it into the deck.

Accessories available

Flex Innovations RV-8 RC PLane

You also get the flexibility of options with your RV-8 – floats with LED lights for water takeoffs/landings, a keychain camera mount so in-flight footage can be captured, and, the LED light set up.

The RV-8 has hundreds of design variations but FreeStyle and World F3A Champion, Quique Somenzini, has worked with Flex Innovations to make this RC plane as practical and simple as possible. You can have your RV-8 assembled within an hour and its practical design means it is easily transported, put together and pulled apart.

Not only does the RV-8 look good in the air but it also delivers the pilot a level of precision, power and stability that will have you singing its praises.

What you need

  • 6+ Channel Radio
  • Battery
  • Receiver


66.3" (1685 mm)
75.8'' (1925 mm)
10 lb 3 oz. (4660 grams) with 6s 5200mAh
Wing Area:
1120 sq. in (72.3 sq. dm.)
6+ (7 if switching night LED's)
4200 5S -to- 6200 6S
Flight Time:
5 to 9 minutes depending on flying style

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