Flex Innovations FlexJet Pro 90mm EDF Jet, ARF+, Grey, FPM1500A

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Taking the same superb flight performance that made the FlexJet Super PNP so successful, Flex Innovations now bring you the FlexJet Pro. This next-level EDF RC jet not only gives you brilliant flight performance but it comes in a larger aircraft with high-end features and a strengthened composite construction.



  • Wood built wings and expertly painted fibreglass fuselage for world-class performance
  • Incredible thrust from precisely engineered inlet lips and full ducting for clean efficiency
  • Ball bearing supported all-moving stabilizers and leading-edge root extensions (LERX’s) provide easy handling and high performance even when flying at lower speeds
  • Superb ground handling provided by CNC-machined trailing link struts even on rough fields and grass
  • Retracts, nose gear servo and gear door servos have been installed to save you time with the build and setup and will work with 8.4V high voltage power systems
  • Large top hatch gives you easy access to the battery and electrical component compartments
  • Installed gear door servos – DS16HV x 4
  • All moving stabilators are mass balanced and ball bearing supported
  • Eye catching military-inspired trim scheme has been custom painted ensuring high visibility
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Flex Innovations FlexJet Pro 90mm EDF Jet, ARF+, Grey, FPM1500A

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Product Information

FlexJet Pro EDF Jet from Flex Innovations

Some serious design work has gone into the FlexJet Pro 90m EDF ARF with multiple Top Gun Champion, David Ribbe and F3A World Champion, Quique Somenzini, both lending their expertise to the development of this RC jet. In order to maximize aerodynamic performance, the painted fibreglass shell has been reinforced with plywood in key areas while it also ensures a lightweight, rigid and clean airframe. Finished in a military-inspired scale colour scheme you will have no problems seeing this bad boy flying at the field.

Flex Innovations FlexJet Pro RC Jet

The engineering on the Flex Innovations FlexJet Pro 90m EDF ARF is world-class with full ducting and expertly tuned inlet lips providing efficient thrust over a wide range of speeds. This is all done without the need for scale inaccurate performance reducing cheater holes. In order to achieve excellent pitch control at all speeds, the FlexJet Pro 90m EDF ARF has all-moving flying stabs that can also be used as tailerons to help with slow speed roll authority.

Landing your FlexJet Pro 90m EDF ARF on grass or rough runways has been made easier with tough CNC-machined aluminium trailing link struts fitted. To give the pilot easier takeoff rotation, ground handling and achieve the famous FlexJet wheelie landing the main landing gear is located near the centre of gravity in the fuselage. You can store and transport easily with the main gear mounted in the fuselage.

The high-performance FlexJet Pro 90m EDF ARF is the next step in your RC jet journey and will take your flying to the next level!

What you need

  • 8+ Channel computer transmitter and receiver
  • 90mm EDF unit and motor
  • 120A high-voltage (8S compatible) ESC
  • (5) mini servos
  • Receiver battery
  • Flight battery


1127 mm (44.4″)
1486 mm (58.5″)
4.90 kg (with 8S 6200mAh battery)
8+ channel receiver and transmitter
Flight Battery:
4000 – 6200+ mAh 40C+
8S (29.6V Nominal)
Receiver Battery:
1500 – 2000 mAh 15C+
2S (7.4V Nominal)