Flex Innovations Edge 540 120cc ARF, Green, FPM1300A

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The Flex Innovations Edge 540 120cc ARF RC plane not only pays homage to the captivating appearance of the full-scale Zivko Edge 540 but also delivers an extraordinary performance that will leave you in awe.



  • 3D and XA Performance: Minimized control coupling preserves the scale appearance while delivering mind-blowing 3D and XA aerobatics
  • Massive Control Surfaces: Experience extreme 3D and XA performance with unrivaled control
  • Laminated Carbon Fiber Build: Lightweight and robust, combining carbon fibre, fibreglass, plywood, and balsa for optimal performance
  • Aileron Counter Balances: Enhanced roll authority and reduced weight at the wingtip for precise rolls and snaps
  • Quick Assembly: Factory-completed aileron and elevator hinging, along with gap sealing, streamline your setup process
  • Enhanced Yaw Authority: Easy installation of Side Force Generators (SFGs) for improved yaw control and high-alpha stability
  • Sleek Design: Flush-mounted cowl with hidden screws and a low-pressure lip for efficient engine cooling
  • Carbon Fibre Landing Gear: Ensures a lightweight yet robust undercarriage
  • Efficient Fuel Tank: Lightweight "soda bottle" style fuel tank included for extended flights
  • Sturdy Construction: Carbon fibre wing and stab tubes guarantee durability
  • Engine Compatibility: Accommodates popular 100-125cc gas engines like the Desert Aircraft DA 120 and GP 123
  • Precision Control: Custom G10 Control Horns for optimized throw and precision
  • Stunning Aesthetics: Professionally painted fibreglass wheel pants, canopy, and cowling with a distinctive factory-applied trim scheme
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Flex Innovations Edge 540 120cc ARF, Green, FPM1300A

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Product Information

The Zivko Edge 540 stands tall as an iconic full-size aerobatic model, renowned for its unparalleled performance in aerobatic competitions. Crafted by the ingenious Flex Innovations Design Team, the Edge 540 120cc ARF RC Plane pays homage to the irresistibly sleek appearance of the full-size Edge 540 while delivering an awe-inspiring performance that leaves competitors in awe. It doesn't just look the part – this aircraft packs a punch with its extensive flight envelope, catering to diverse flying styles, from low and slow 3D to high-energy XA and precision flying. With the Edge 540 120cc, the sky is your playground!

Harnessing the latest in aviation technology, the Edge 540 120cc features a modern, laminated plywood and carbon fibre structure that guarantees both a lightweight build and uncompromising strength, ready to tackle any daredevil maneuvers you envision. Embracing innovation, the model comes equipped with removable Side Force Generators (SFGs) that enhance high-alpha stability, precision tracking, and yaw authority. Say goodbye to unsightly screws – the hidden cowl screws maintain a clean appearance, while the vibrant colour scheme ensures the Edge 540 120cc stands out in any crowd. Prepare to dazzle onlookers as you take to the skies!

Don't miss the chance to own the Flex Innovations Edge 540 120cc ARF, a true performer that deserves a place in your aircraft hangar. Elevate your aerobatic game to new heights and embrace the thrill of the skies like never before!

What you need

Radio Equipment

  • 8+ channel transmitter and high-voltage receiver
  • (2) 2S 2000mAh 15C+ LiPo Receiver Battery
  • (7) minimum 32.4 kg/cm (450 oz/in) for control surfaces & (1) standard servo for throttle
  • (7) 2-inch single arms (push/pull rudder)
  • Servo extensions
  • 127 mm (5-inch) spinner

Gas Engine Setup

  • 100-125cc two-stroke engine
  • Exhaust
  • Propeller
  • (4) 20mm aluminium engine standoffs
  • Ignition regulator
  • Ignition battery
  • Fuel dot


2642mm (104″)
Length (with spinner)
2595mm (102.2″)
Estimated Weight:
12.70kg (28lb)
Gasoline (Petrol) 100-125cc
Stock Mufflers or KS 3086 Canisters (2) Header Drop – 90mm Flexible (If Applicable)

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