Flex Innovations Aura 12 Professional Flight Control System

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The Aura Professional line has been carefully engineered and optimized for larger and more complex aircraft while simplifying installation. The new Aura Professional case is exquisitely CNC machined from aluminium and hard anodized. The new case design also features mounting lugs with grommets and slots for hook and loop straps so that it can be easily well-secured to any air-frame.

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  • Enhanced Stability and Control for all types of Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Dual high-power battery inputs with switching capability
  • Connects easily to receivers from all radio brands
  • 12 Servo Ports can be individually configured as (PWM) Inputs or Outputs
  • Two dedicated input ports for single wire digital connection via S.Bus® (Futaba®) or (SRXL Spektrum®, JR®, Jeti, Graupner SUMD) or analog PPM stream
  • Dual inputs and custom code allow two Futaba S.Bus receivers to be used for radio diversity
  • Supports traditional receivers via ‘Servo’ Interconnect Leads
  • S.Bus or SRXL Output for up to 18 Output Channels
  • External sensor port supports optional hardened external sensor for large turbine operations
  • Micro USB Port allows loading model configurations, user programming, and firmware updates
  • Custom tuning through PC application
  • 3 Flight Modes allow precise and aggressive settings to be selected in the same flight
  • 6 assignable Control Modes allow separate gyro parameters for additional control surfaces or thrust vectoring. Two control modes per flight mode!
  • 3 Axis Gyro modes for Precision and 3D Aerobatics
  • 6 Axis Sensor and powerful 32 bit processor allows for continuous expansion and feature updates
  • Includes Aura Pro, Micro USB Cable, Switch, 4 ‘Servo’ Interconnect Leads, and Mounting Hardware
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Flex Innovations Aura 12 Professional Flight Control System

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Product Information

The Aura 12 Professional incorporates two dedicated, isolated battery power connections with high-current handling capabilities and EC3 connectors. The system can be switched on and off with an included fail-on soft switch. On-board LEDs confirm each battery is online and general system status. Additional LEDs indicate the voltage level of each servo battery to warn of low voltages at a glance.

Two standard Servo connector ports (Port A and Port B) are available for Digital Receiver Input connections such as S.Bus, SRXL, SUMD, EX-Bus, etc. The Aura Professionals also supports automatic dual Receiver selection for ‘single receiver’ systems such as S.Bus. Automatic Receiver selection increases redundancy and provides greater radio path and antenna orientation diversity. The Aura Professional can also provide configurable S.Bus or SRXL Output to enable compatible servos and devices.

The Aura 12 Professional offers 12 Servo Ports which are available for standard PWM Servo signals. Every Servo Port on the Aura can be customized to support complex aircraft control surfaces such as Elevons, Flaperons, Canards, V-Tail, Tailerons, etc. Each Servo Port can also be configured as Input to capture the PWM channel from the Receiver for a traditional setup. The Aura Professional capability is maximized when using a modern, Digital Receiver connection such as Futaba or FrSky or Hitec S.Bus, Spektrum SRXL, Jeti UDI or EX Bus, JR DSM Mode A or B, or Graupner SumD to allow up to 24 internal channels. Individual Buttons included on the Aura Professional eliminate needing bind plugs and make using features like Quick Trim easy!

An external gyro sensor port is provided. The optional external gyro sensor is available separately and is hardened against the noise that can be generated by large turbine jets.

Like the standard Aura 8, the Aura Professional offers the same great stability and a direct, connected feel that does not interfere with the pilot’s commands. Each of the Aura’s settings (gain, stick priority, dual rates, expos etc.) can be tuned specifically to the pilot’s preference. Each Aura Flight Mode can even have two simultaneous gyro settings for advanced features such as thrust vectoring nozzles, nose wheel steering, or canards. Gyro corrections can even be applied multiple servo ports such as in a Live Wing setup where Roll gyro corrections are applied to the Ailerons AND the Flaps (most gyro systems can only apply Roll gyro correction to the programmed Aileron servo ports).

Whether you fly a medium to large size jet, warbird, sport or aerobatic airplane, the Aura Professional is sure to make your airplane feel larger, smoother and as if it were flying in less wind!


48.7mm x 60.5mm x 23.7mm
80 grams
Servo Port:
Input Voltage:
6V – 10V DC Dual EC3
Input Current:
45A – Total
Burst (<10 seconds)
Input Current:
30A – Total
Channels In:
Up to 20 via serial input
Channels Out:
8 Servo Ports, Plus SRXL or S.Bus and Rx
PC Cable
USB A -> Micro USB “B”

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