E-Flite Viper 70mm EDF RC Jet, BNF Basic

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Looking to get your first high performance jet? You can’t go past the E-flite Viper 70mm EDF which comes with an impressive flight envelope, blinding speed and vertical performance capability. To top all that off is the Viper’s ability to take off and land almost anywhere.


  • 70mm 12 blade fan delivers turbine like sound, vertical performance and awesome speed
  • Ball link equipped linkages on the precise and fast factory installed metal geared servos
  • 70 amp ESC and 6S high power brushless motor
  • Improved slow flight performance along with fully installed, functional flaps for shorter takeoffs and landings
  • Industry leading DSMX technology in the Spektrum 6-channel receiver
  • Aircraft Studio Design have kitted the Viper out in a highly visible and unique trim scheme
  • First high performance jet with both Electric Ducted Fan (EFT) and SAFE Select technology
  • Amazing aerobatic flight envelope with super smooth handling in a scale jet model
  • Being easy to take off and land this is a great entry into the EDF jet model world
  • AS3X technology gives you unmatched precision and stability for smoother flights
  • SAFE Select gives you the option of an easier to fly and land experience
  • Easily assembled and ready to fly – just charge your battery and go
  • Handles a variety of surfaces with electric retracts, steerable nose and sprung wire struts
  • Cockpit detail and pilot figure easily seen through clear canopy as part of large top hatch
  • Constructed from lightweight EPO material for strength and durability
  • Reinforced one-piece composite wing that is simple to install or remove
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E-Flite Viper 70mm EDF RC Jet, BNF Basic

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Product Information

Perfect RC Jet for beginners

In order for more pilots to enjoy jet flying E-flite have designed the Viper BNF to bring you low wing airplane stability to go with high performance and fighter jet handling and looks. If you’ve had a jet before or the Viper is your first, you will love the ballistic flight envelope, awesome speed and the take-off and landing capability. Throw in the exclusive SAFE Select and AS3X technology and the Viper is one impressive fan driven jet.

When it’s time for speed the Viper’s 70mm 12 blade fan combines with the 70-amp ESC, powerful brushless motor, and, a 6S LiPo in the 3200 to 4000mAh range to give the pilot ridiculous speed, instantaneous throttle response and vertical performance that is unparalleled. When you have all this power going flat out it produces a sound, not unlike a real turbine.

The Viper has a glue-free construction with a one-piece wing and stabilizers that bolt into place as well as electric retracts and factory installed, fully functional flaps that enhance your jet flying experience. The Viper cockpit comes with scale features and a visible pilot as well as being integrated with flight battery access through a large top-mounted hatch.

Given the speeds you can reach in the Viper it’s a good thing you have a super strong, lightweight EPO airframe that enhances the precision and durability of your jet. The E-flite Viper handles like a sport flyer with smooth flight and stability that, along with the easy takeoffs and landings, make it the perfect choice for the first time jet flyer.

AS3X Technology

The BNF version of the Viper comes equipped with some exclusive technology that will help you transition into jet flying like a pro.

SAFE Select technology is an option you may choose not to use once you get used to the Viper’s speed and handling. Before you accumulate that experience engage the SAFE Select and you will enjoy an extra margin of safety that is built into the receiver that includes:

Automatic Self-Leveling

As simple as it sounds – just release the sticks and put them in centre position and the Viper will automatically return and hold and level flight. During takeoffs and landings, it will also assist in maintaining your wing levels.

Pitch and Bank Angle Limits

Limits are in place to prevent excessive dive or climb angles as well as keeping your airplane from pitching or rolling upside down.

Easy Switch Assignment—No Programming Required

You can switch SAFE Select on and off by a simple process of assigning a transmitter switch. This will take only a few seconds. If you’re feeling confident and do not wish to engage SAFE Select you just need to bind the receiver normally.

An additional level of assistance is also present on the Viper through Spektrum’s AS3X (Artificial Stabilization-3 Axis) technology which is built into the receiver. This provides a sense of precision and stability and kicks in behind the scenes to smooth out any turbulence or wind effects. You get big plane performance from a much smaller jet.

What you need

  • Full-range, 6+ channel transmitter with DSMX®/DSM2® technology and adjustable dual rates
  • 22.2V 3300–3800mAh 30C 6S LiPo with EC5 connector
  • Suitable LiPo charger


43.3 in (1100mm)
Overall Length
40.4 in (1025mm)
Flying Weight
4.2-4.4 lbs (67-70 oz)
Motor Size
CG (center of gravity)
75-85mm back from LE or wing @ root
Speed Control
Recommended Battery
22.2v 6s 3200-3800mAh with EC5 connector
Approx. Flying Duration
4+ min
Approx. Assembly Time
Less than 1 Hour
Experience Level
Recommended Environment

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