E-Flite Sukhoi SU-29MM BNF Basic RC Plane

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Soar like you never have before, with the E-Flite Sukhoi SU-29MM BNF Basic RC Plane. Second generation is always better – and the Sukhoi is no different.


  • Designed by Mike McConville – the aerobatic hero
  • Fly in SAFE technology with Panic Recovery mode
  • 100% adjustable AS3X technology – transform it to suit you
  • Perform cool 3D control throws, with strong micro-class servos
  • Spektrum 6-channel AR636A receiver + DSMX technology
  • Go faster, with 10-size brushless motor & 40A speed control
  • Lightweight to fly (Z-Foam material), yet super durable
  • Take off on grass with intelligent landing gear & large wheels
  • Nail slow-speed 3D moves with the help of Vortex Generators
  • Takes 2200mAh 3S 11.1V Li-Po batteries, easily accessible compartment
  • Quick to put together – more time in the air!
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E-Flite Sukhoi SU-29MM BNF Basic RC Plane

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Product Information

Take to the skies, with a Mike McConville plane

Expertly designed by legendary world-class aircraft designer, Mike McConville, the Sukhoi SU-29MM is a full-scale RC plane like no other. Based on the incredible original, the E-Flite Sukhoi has improved as far as your eyes can see. We’re talking better technology that gives you the flexibility of fine tuning the AS3X system to however you like.

E-Flite Sukhoi Gen 2

Just like the ParkZone SU-29MM scale aerobatic park flyer, the Sukhoi has made it easy for intermediate pilots to complete aerobatics with nothing but precision and control.

Fine tune your AS3X system, customised to you

Forget about one-size-fits-all. With the Sukhoi, you have the flexibility to fine tune the AS3X system to the way you like. It’s constructed with Z-Foam material, giving it a lightweight feeling to fly. This means flying is fun and light as a feather. Combine this with the outrunner brushless power system and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable platform, with great throttle response.

3D and Aerobatic

This plane is a stride ahead of the rest because of its unique features – including the Spektrum AR636A receiver (with AS3X technology). You’ll feel like you’re flying a model that’s so much bigger in size. The AS3X system works to smoothen out your flight, while you’re having all of the fun.

Worried about crashing? Don’t be. You’re SAFE in Sukhoi’s canopy. There’s no losing your orientation. You can just turn on the Panic Recovery mode of SAFE technology, during the bind process. With the push of a button, you’ll be level – upright flight, restored! Now that’s unshakable, rock-solid flight.

Highly-tuned airframe for great handling

Mike McConville isn’t a world-class designer for nothing. He knows the importance of large control surfaces that have 3D deflections and a light wing load – just like you’ll find on the Sukhoi. Handling has never been easier – no surprises!

Slow speed flight is achievable with the help of the Vortex Generators – located on the leading edge surfaces of the wings foil the passing air in a manner that increases lift and promotes the effectiveness of the ailerons… even at slow air speeds.

If you’re looking for a park flyer to do 3D aerobatics with, it doesn’t get much better than the Sukhoi Su-29MM Gen 2. You won’t ever be this confident to do tricks – because you’ve set the plane to suit your own flying style. No crashes. No risk!

Experience what it’s like to be #1 too, with E-Flite’s Sukhoi SU-29MM BNF Basic RC Plane. With a name like Mike McConville behind it, you know it must be good.

Order yours today – and explore your aerobatic potential. Let’s see what you’ve got!

What you need

  • 6+ channel transmitter with Spektrum™ DSMX/DSM2®technology
  • 2200mAh 3S 11.1V 25C Li-Po flight battery
  • Battery charger


44.0 (1120 mm)
Flying Weight
40.6 oz (1150 g)
Motor Size
10 size BL outrunner 1250 Kv
4 channel DSMX full range computer radio
Trim Scheme Colors
blue, black, gray and white
CG (center of gravity)
3.2 in back from wing root
Wing Loading
14.5 oz/sq. ft.
Prop Size
12 x 4E
Speed Control
BL 40A (installed)
Recommended Battery
3S 2200mAh 25C (minimum)
Recommended Environment

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