E-Flite Habu SS 50mm EDF Jet, BNF Basic EFL02350

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Making that next step into the RC jet flying caper? The convenient and affordable E-flite Habu SS 50mm EDF sport jet is the perfect step for you. This high performance EDF sport jet is not only great for the novice but more experienced pilots will love it as well!

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  • Convenient and affordable scaled-down version of the popular HABU SS and STS 70mm EDF that can be flown by more pilots in a wider array of places
  • Based on the iconic Habu – one of the first and best high-performance EDF sport jet platforms ever designed
  • Superb low-speed handling and slow-speed performance provided by the unique airframe design means it is one of the easiest jets to fly ever
  • 50mm 12 blade fan and specially tuned brushless motor both compatible with 3S LiPo batteries
  • Excellent flight times and performance delivered by affordable and popular 1300-2200mAh 3S LiPo batteries
  • Real-time battery voltage, RPM, current and other data provided by Spektrum Avian 30-amp Smart Lite ESC with compatible transmitters and receivers
  • Spektrum DXS transmitter compatible which are included with a lot of the popular HobbyZone and E-flite trainer RC planes (BNF Basic version only)
  • AR631 Spektrum receiver included with BNF version only which advanced DSMX technology and has fly-by range telemetry
  • SAFE Select flight envelope protection sets bank limits and makes taking off, landing and flying in general much easier (BNF Version only)
  • Exclusive AS3X technology works behind the scenes to give super stability and a locked in feel (BNF Version only)
  • Full aerobatic capability provided by 4 factory-installed servos with a functional rudder and 4-channel control
  • Improve ground handling with an optional use fixed landing gear and a steerable nosewheel
  • Without the landing gear installed you can belly land and hand launch quite easily
  • Composite-reinforced EPO construction that is lightweight and durable
  • High visibility trim scheme has been factory applied
  • No need for glue with assembly that is fast and easy
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E-Flite Habu SS 50mm EDF Jet, BNF Basic EFL02350

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Product Information

Habu SS 50mm EDF Jet

The E-flite Habu SS is for just about everyone!

Based on the iconic Habu – one of the first and best high-performance EDF sport jet platforms ever designed the E-flite® Habu SS 50mm EDF is the most convenient and affordable version of this RC jet yet. This is perfect for first-time EDF flyers and is also the first ever E-flite 50mm class model. It’s also pretty damn good for experienced EDF flyers also! The power system in the E-flite® Habu SS 50mm EDF features the Spektrum 30-amp Avian Smart Lite ESC and is also compatible with 1300-2200mAh LiPo batteries that propels the 12 blade 50mm fan. The Spektrum AR631 receiver is included in the BNF Basic version and features the flight assistance benefits of SAFE Select and exclusive AS3X technologies along with delivering real-time telemetry data to the pilot. These features alone make this RC jet the perfect next step into the world of EDF flying once you have mastered a trainer.

Easy to fly RC jet

The optimized design of the E-flite® Habu SS 50mm EDF features composite reinforced EPO giving this RC jet a lightweight but tough airframe that improves both slow-speed performance and low-speed handling making it an easy transition into the world of EDF jet flying. Unlike its bigger predecessors, this Habu has a functional rudder that provides added aerobatic capabilities and control. The battery options also enhance your choice of flying with 1300mAh LiPo’s keeping the weight down The 1800mAh LiPo’s give you that performance sweet spot while the 2200mAh LiPo delivers long flight times and maximum power. You can equip your E-flite® Habu SS 50mm EDF with Smart or non-Smart batteries and you will receive a variety of real-time power system telemetry data from the ESC that includes current, battery voltage, motor RPM and more. You will need a compatible receiver like the Spektrum AR631 included with the BNF version and a transmitter equipped with Spektrum AirWare.

E-flite RC Jet

You will enjoy easy takeoffs and great ground handling with the E-flite® Habu SS 50mm EDF as it includes a steerable nose wheel and wide stance tricycle landing gear perfect for operating off and onto flat dirt, paved runways and even short grass. If you are looking for more vertical performance and speed you can leave the landing gear off and opt for easy hand launching and grass landings. The trim scheme on the E-flite® Habu SS 50mm EDF is finished is factory finished and designed for high visibility whilst you are airborne. Also, factory installed are the servos, power system and receiver (BNF Basic version only). All that is required from you is some glue and tool-free final assembly. Charge your battery, hook it all up and you are away!

Exclusive Spektrum Technologies 

The BNF Basic version of the E-flite® Habu SS 50mm EDF includes exclusive Spektrum SAFE Select and AS3X technologies. Working behind the scenes with hundreds of minor adjustments to smooth out the effects of turbulence and wind AS3X helps the pilot feel locked in and also the Habu feel like a much larger aircraft. If you choose to engage SAFE Select on your Habu you will enjoy bank and pitch angle limits and an automatic self-levelling feature that you will love if you get into trouble mid-air. These can be switched on and off as you need or as your confidence grows with the simple flick of a switch. If you feel like you don’t need SAFE Select just bind your receiver normally and AS3X will just work with you in the background.

New to flying RC aircraft?

If you’ve never flown an RC aircraft before it is recommended that you learn to fly with a trainer aircraft that is purpose-built to ease you into the hobby and get your basics perfected. The E-flite Habu STS (Smart Trainer with SAFE Select) 70mm EDF is the perfect learning aircraft for someone beginning their journey with EDF RC jets.


Minimum Required Radio
Full-Range 4 Channel DSMX®/DSM2®
Product Weight
20 oz (577g) with 3S 1300mAh LiPo Battery; 15 oz (424g) Without Battery
Speed Control
Smart, AS3X and SAFE
Trim Scheme Colors
White / Grey / Orange
Fan Size
50mm EDF
Sold Separately
27.56" (700 mm)
Motor Size
2628-4900Kv Brushless 6-Pole Outrunner
Recommended Motor Battery
3S 11.1V 1300–2200mAh LiPo with EC3™ or IC3® Connector (sold separately)
Approximate Assembly Time
Less Than One Hour
Completion Level
Power Type
Product Length
30.51" (775 mm)
Sold Separately
Skill Level
Level 2 - NS
Sold Separately
Connector Type
Motor Type
Brushless - Outrunner

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