E-Flite Delta Ray One RC Plane, BNF Basic, No Longer Available

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The Delta Ray One from E-Flite breaks from tradition with cutting edge aerodynamics and modern technology setting this RC airplane apart. The SAFE technology on-board also enables an optional increase to the Delta Ray One’s technology firepower with SAFE Plus GPS-enabled that gives anyone a chance to fly! 

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  • Make things easier for you to learn to fly with Horizon Hobby’s exclusive SAFE technology
  • Impact resistant rubber nose cone connected to the extremely tough and durable EPO foam constructed fuselage
  • Longer flight times and superb performance from the efficient and powerful brushless motor
  • At the flip of a switch you can jump from beginner to intermediate to experienced flight modes
  • Factory assembled - just bind your own transmitter, add your battery, and fly!
  • Add Virtual Fence, Holding Pattern and AutoLand (sold separately) when you upgrade to GPS enabled SAFE Plus drone technology
  • Increased motor and propeller protection with the unique pusher configuration and folding blades
  • Get On Screen Display with compatible cameras/headsets/monitors (sold separately) to take advantage of the FPV-ready status
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E-Flite Delta Ray One RC Plane, BNF Basic, No Longer Available

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Product Information

Great RC plane for beginners

Learn to fly in less time! With a futuristic delta wing design, exclusive technology and compact size all signs point towards an RC plane that is perfect for those starting out in the hobby. You get that with the Delta Ray One from E-Flite and a whole lot more. This RC plane is super easy to fly but has a flight envelope that will cater to your improving skills once you get a hang of the basics.

Based on the combination of efficiency and stability that the Delta Ray One provides you will find this delta wing design RC airplane brilliant to learn on. Activate the exclusive Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) technology and you’ll notice a lot of the stress is taken out of the learn to fly stage of your RC journey. You also run the risk of having fun! To add in that extra level of safety you can upgrade your Delta Ray One with SAFE Plus GPS-enabled drone technology. This utilises Virtual Fence and AutoLand so you can program in set boundary parameters which then opens up the possibility of safely flying in smaller fields and parks.

E-Flite Delta Ray One

Lightweight, yet durable

Constructed from advanced lightweight and durable EPO foam, the Delta Ray One is extremely resilient which means it can handle a few prangs and scrapes particularly with its rubber nose cone. To make it even easier for the beginner flyer this RC plane can be taken straight out of the box, bound to your own transmitter, put in your own battery and into the sky you can soar!

Beginner RC planes don’t have to be boring and the Delta Ray One is far from it. The delta wing design combined with the brushless power system gives the pilot an efficient and powerful aircraft that will do rolls, loops and inverted flight. The flight envelope on the Delta Ray One is wide enough to allow beginners to flourish and also challenging enough to give more experienced pilots some aerobatic opportunities.

The Delta Ray One also comes in the RTF version (EFL9500AU and EFL9500AUMD1) which includes everything you need.

What you need

  • 6+ channel Transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX/DSM2 Technology
  • 200 - 280mAh 2S LiPo Flight Battery
  • Suitable LiPo Charger


500mm (19.7 in)
Overall Length
422mm (16.6 in)
Wing Area
127.3 sq in (8.2 sq dm)
Flying Weight
120 - 135 grams (4.25 - 4.75 oz)
Motor Size
BL 180 Brushless Outrunner (Installed)
5+ channels (sold separately)
CG (center of gravity)
60-68mm back from Leading Edge break
Prop Size
130 x 70 mm folding
Spinner Size
23.5mm pusher
Hardware Included
Speed Control
2-in-1 RX/ESC Unit
Recommended Battery
2S 280 Li-Po Battery (sold separately)
Approx. Flying Duration
5+ min
Appropriate LiPo Charger (sold separately)
Assembly Time
Less than 1 Hour

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