Dualsky 6S LiPo Battery Cell Checker and Balancer, Black

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The LipoMate from Dualsky is a practical voltage meter and balancer for your RC model that is very easy to use.


  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • 1-6 cell voltage
  • Battery capacity check
  • 50mA balancer with indicator
  • Comes with adapter for LiPo and Li-Ion batteries
  • Powered self-system
  • Well cool window on the bottom
  • Plastic (ABS) material appearance with fashionable lanyard
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Dualsky 6S LiPo Battery Cell Checker and Balancer, Black

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Product Information

Do not leave home without a LipoMate from Dualsky. This handy little voltage meter and balancer is the ideal accessory for your RC model. Featuring an LCD display, you will be able to use the LipoMate to check your battery's capacity with ease. This Dualsky voltage meter also comes with a 50mA balancing function, along with a balancing state indicator. The LipoMate has a 1-6 cell voltage and features an adapter for all kinds of batteries. Designed for LiPo or Li-Ion batteries, this voltage meter has a powered self-system and a well cool window on the bottom. With a fashionable plastic (ABS) material appearance and lanyard, the LipoMate quite simply is a must-have. Order this fantastic Dualsky product now.


Batteries Supported
2-6 Cell Li-Poly/Li-ION
Balancing Current
Voltage Precision
Voltage Range
Operating Temperature
0-50 C
Dimensions (LxWxH)
70 x 38 x 11mm
Weight (g)
Shell Material
Plastic (ABS)
Shell Colour
Black / White