Dualsky VR Pro Duo 10A Linear Voltage Regulator with Dual Battery Input

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The VR Pro Duo from Dualsky is an excellent linear regulator for large aircraft.



  • Minimal interference and ripple
  • Allows for two battery input
  • Simulated diode dual redundancy for input power
  • Four current outputs
  • Uses high quality tantalum capacitors
  • Low dropout design
  • No need to weld the connectors
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Dualsky VR Pro Duo 10A Linear Voltage Regulator with Dual Battery Input

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The VR Pro Duo from Dualsky is an outstanding linear voltage regulator that operates with minimal interference and ripple. It allows for two battery input, thus facilitating automatic switching and balancing between the batteries. This input power uses simulated diode dual redundancy. The Duo comes with four current outputs, so you can directly connect four channel servos with ease. This incorporates double MosFET output, independent linear control IC and high output current capability. Both the input and output ports use high quality tantalum capacitors. Dualsky have also designed the Duo to include a low dropout design that makes full use of the cell's capacity, especially in HV mode.


All you have to do is plug and play; there is no need to weld the connectors. For low voltage functionality, there is an internal dual input voltage monitor with memory function. The Duo has a great minimalist design, featuring input and output ports on horizontal rows. It also comes with an FSS-3 failure safety switch with a status indicator. This FSS-3 is precisely controlled by the built-in MCU, which also regulates the internal voltage. This regulator also supports an FSS-4 lightweight switch and comes equipped with a large heat sink and external cooling fan. This gives it great heat dissipation and high overload capacity. You can use the VR Pro Duo with up to ten 30kg digital servos and HV (7.4V) servos. It is a great choice for large, 13kg model aircraft (for example, aircraft with 120cc gasoline power). Order yours now.


Input Voltage
5.3 - 8.4V DC, Max. 10V (2S LiPo)
Output Voltage
5, 6 or 7V Switchable (Tolerance +3%)
Output Current
DC 0-15A (V-In to V-Out = 1V)
Minimum Differential Voltage
< 0.3V
Power Effect
Voltage Effect
Output Ripple
< 2mV
63 x 32 x 18mm
62g (Including Duo Input Wires)