Dualsky Gemini 3018 Deluxe Power Supply with two S-Hub Mini PWM Convertors

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The Dualsky Gemini 3018 Deluxe is a redundant power supply system designed for use with transmitters (TX) and receivers (RX). This Deluxe version comes with two S-Hub Mini PWM Converters and suits large gasoline models, jets and drones.

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  • Dual battery (2S LiPo) redundant input
  • Linear regulated output capability up to 30A
  • Dual S.BUS1/2 signal redundant input
  • 18-channel PWM output and 2 HPB outputs
  • Automatically synchronise output refresh rate with receiver
  • Equipped with new FSS-5 fail-safe electronic switch
  • Supports high-voltage output
  • All aluminium alloy CNC housing
  • Suitable for large gasoline models, jets and drones
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Dualsky Gemini 3018 Deluxe Power Supply with two S-Hub Mini PWM Convertors

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Product Information

Whether you’re flying RC planes, jets, or other models, the Dualsky Gemini 3018 Deluxe ensures a stable and redundant power supply for your radio system. The housing is made of all aluminium alloy CNC material and is suitable for high-voltage applications. It accepts input from two 2S LiPo batteries, ensuring redundancy and reliability. The system can handle a maximum current of up to 30A and supports dual S.BUS1/2 signal input, enhancing safety. The Gemini 3018 provides an 18-channel PWM output and 2 HPB outputs. The output refresh rate automatically synchronizes with the receiver. 

When the Gemini 3018 is used in a strong vibration environment, it is necessary to install shock-absorbing rubber fittings.

The switch has a Fail Safe function, any damage or disconnection will not cause the main body to be powered off.

What's in the box?

  • (1) Dualsky Gemini 3018

  • (1) FSS-5

  • (4) SBUS

  • (2) MPX

  • (2) SHub Mini

  • (1) 300mm HPB

  • (1) 600mm HPB


Gemini 3018 specs

74.2 mm
Length (to mounting holes)
82.9 mm
55.2 mm
Width (to mounting holes)
45.8 mm
18.3 mm

F/S Switch specs

49.6 mm
Length (to mounting holes)
43.1 mm
21.4 mm
12.5 mm

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