DJI Spreading Wings S900 with A2 Flight Control

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Spread your wings with the DJI S900 with A2 flight control. It’s fast, fun and takes great footage.


  • Lightweight, only 3.3kg!
  • Carries most gimbals & cameras, no worries!
  • Strong carbon fibre arms & landing gear
  • Easy to transport, fold arms in 5 minutes
  • Upper centre board removes, for quick access
  • Gold-plated metal bearings & screw design
  • AS150 spark proof plug
  • Numerous shooting angles
  • A2 flight control, for greater agility
  • Fly for up to 18 minutes!
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DJI Spreading Wings S900 with A2 Flight Control

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Product Information

Spreading Wings S900: Where intellect meets innovation

With arms and landing gear made of strong carbon fibre, the Spreading Wings S900 hexacopter offers strength, without the weight. This means you can fly faster and for longer, without compromising on performance. And its newly designed power distribution system boasts safety and consistency.

Fly for up to 18 minutes taking professional photos

The S900 weighs only 3.3kg, with take-off weight of 8.2kg. And you thought you were a light traveller.

The sky’s the limit with shooting angles and camera motions. Its retractable landing gear and special low gimbal mounting bracket gives you all the flexibility you could ever need.

S900 Hexcopter

Advanced stabilisation control for your hexacopter

dji spreading wings

Once it’s up in the air, you can easily pilot the S900 with the A2 flight control. Setting the benchmark all other stable flight systems in the market, the A2 boasts 9 multi-rotor simple configurations and Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC).

Easily fold the arms to save space

folding arms

Got a special place you’d like to shoot? The S900 from DJI isn’t just built for the air – it’s designed to be taken on the open road too. Fold its arms and pack it into the car, in less than 5 minutes. Give the Spreading Wings S900 a shot – you won’t need a second go.

It’s compatible with Zenmuse camera gimbals, so get your S900 today.

What you need

  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX9 (SPMR99001AU)
  • Remote Receivers x 2. We recommend the Spektrum Remote Receiver (SPM9545)
  • Charger. We recommend the Ultra Power 400AC Quad Charger (UP400ACDUO)
  • Battery. We recommend the Dualsky 10000mAh LiPo Battery. (DSBXP100006HEDS)


Diagonal Wheelbase
Frame Arm Length
Frame Arm Weight (Including Motor, ESC, Propeller )
Center Frame Diameter
Center Frame Weight (With Landing Gear Mounting Base, Servos)
Landing Gear Size
460mm (Length) × 450mm (Width) × 360mm (Height)
Motor Stator Size
41 × 14mm
Max Power
Motor Weight (With Cooling Fan)
ESC Working Current
Working Voltage
6S LiPo
Signal Frequency
30Hz ~ 450Hz
Drive PWM Frequency
Weight(With Radiators)
Propeller Material
High strength performance engineered plastics
Propeller Size
15 × 5.2inch
Takeoff Weight
4.7Kg ~ 8.2Kg
Total Weight
Power Battery
LiPo (6S,10000mAh~20000mAh,15C(Min))
Max Power Consumption
Hover Power Consumption
1000W (@ 6.8Kg Takeoff Weight)
Hover Time
18min (@ 12000mAh & 6.8Kg Takeoff Weight)
Working Environment Temperature
-10 °C ~ +40 °C
Supported Multi-Rotor
Quad-Rotor: +4,x4
Hex-Rotor +6,x6,Y6,Rev Y6;
Octo-Rotor +8,x8,V8
Supported ESC Output
400Hz refresh frequency
Supported Transmitter For Built-In Receiver
Futaba FASST Series and DJI DESST Series
External Receiver Supported
Futaba S-Bus, S-Bus2, DSM2
Recommended Battery
2S ~ 6S LiPo
Operating Temperature
-5°C to +60°C
Assistant Software System Requirement
Windows XP SP3 / 7 /8 (32 or 64 bit)
Other DJI Products Supported
Z15, H3-2D, H3-3D, iOSD, 2.4G Data Link, S800 EVO, S900, S1000, S1000+, etc.
Hovering Accuracy(In GPS Mode)
Vertical: ± 0.5m
Horizontal: ± 1.5m
Maximum Wind Resistance
< 8m/s (17.9mph/28.8km/h)
Max Yaw Angular Velocity
150 deg/s
Max Tilt Angle
Power Consumption
MAX 5W (Typical Value: 0.3A@12.5V)
Built-In Functions
Built-in Receiver
Multiple Control Modes
2-axis Gimbal Supported
Low Voltage Protection
PC & Bluetooth Ground Station
External Receiver Supported
Intelligent Orientation Control
Sound Alarm
4 Configurable Output
Total Weight
Total Weight: <= 224g(overall)
Flight Controller: 54mm x 39mm x 14.9mm
IMU: 41.3mm x 30.5mm x 26.3mm
GPS-Compass Pro: 62mm (diameter) x 14.3mm
LED-BTU-I: 30mm x 30mm x 7.9mm
PMU: 39.5mm x 27.6mm x 9.8mm

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