DJI Tello Camera Drone, RTF

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Perform flying stunts, shoot quick videos with EZ Shots, and learn about drones with coding education. Get yourself a Tello to find out just how awesome flying can be!


  • Simple to get started with the user friendly interface on the Tello App
  • Image transmission distance of up to 100m
  • HD Transmission at 720p
  • Land and take off automatically
  • Take consistently clear photos with Electronic Image Stabilisation
  • FPV compatibility with VR Headset link
  • Flight stability provided by industry leading onboard DJI flight technology
  • Start flying with the Throw & Go function – just throw your Tello into the air
  • Processor by Intel for professional looking high quality footage
  • Failsafe and low battery protection
  • 2 antenna Smart Switch
  • Easy block based visual programming through Scratch function
  • Software development upgrades to be unlocked using SDK
  • Create your own Tello accessories with DIY Accessories
  • High resolution 5MP photo capture
  • Perform cool aerobatics with slide of screen with 8D Flips function
  • Positioning system using onboard vision
  • Bluetooth compatible controller
  • Achieve up to 13 minutes of flight time
  • Fly up and down from your outstretched hand automatically when in Bounce Mode
  • Short video recording assistance with 360, Circle and Up & Away modes in EZ Shots
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DJI Tello Camera Drone, RTF

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Product Information

See the World from the Sky

Want a drone that’s super easy to fly? All you need is your phone and some space – at work, at home or at the park – the Ryze Tello makes it simple. It is a pocket-sized stunner for adults and kids alike that is fantastic to fly and also helps pilots learn about drones along with some coding information as well.

Your dual antenna controller, extra stable video transmission and high capacity battery mean great photos/videos plus enough flight time to capture every moment.

The Tello is packed with features from DJI which means you’ll get high performance and maximum fun. Try the screen tap function to perform awesome aerial tricks! Easy and fun is what the Tello is all about.

Flying camera drone

Capture Great Pictures and Videos

The Tello comes equipped with the kind of image capture and processing you have come to expect from DJI. You’ll get fantastic videos and photos on this easy to fly and fun to use platform that is perfect for beginners. The Tello uses EZ Shots to record videos with pro-level quality and you can have them up on social media in a flash using your smartphone.

Easy and safe to use

Designed with beginners in mind the Tello combines durability with a lightweight, easy to use design. The combination of hardware/software protection built into the Tello will give you the confidence to fly with ease.

  • Auto Landing and Take Off - take off or land just by tapping the screen
  • Low Battery Level Protection - when your battery is getting low an alarm will sound
  • Connectivity Failsafe Protection - if you lose connection with your Tello it will land safely
  • Vision Positioning System – sensors enable you to achieve precise hovering.

Learn & Create

DJI Tello Camera Drone

In order to encourage learning and play Tello was designed to be programmable with the Scratch coding system developed through MIT. This allows users to learn programming basics while having fun with the Tello. If you get the hang of Scratch you can move on to developing software applications for your craft using Tello SDK.

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80g (propellers and battery included)
98mm x 92.5mm x 41mm
3 inch
Built-In Functions
Range Finder
Barometric Altimeter
LED Indicator
720P Live View
Micro USB Charging
Max Transmission Distance
Max Speed
Max Flight Time
Detachable Battery
5MP (2592x1936)
JPG(Photo); MP4(Video)

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