ParkZone VisionAire Review and Demo Videos from Chuck
It wasn't too long ago when we were talking about Chuck's E-Flite Carbon Z unboxing  demo videos.  Now Chuck has followed this up with some video reviews of the ParkZone VisionAire.  We are pleased to show these videos in this blog post.  In the first video, Chuck gives you an overview of the VisionAire, showcasing its wide flap movements and offering some practical tips for handing this RC plane.  This video can be seen below: In Chuck's second video, we get to see the VisionAire's maiden flight.  This makes for amazing viewing!  You can clearly see how the AS3X system gives this remote control plane incredible stability.  Additionally, its 3D capabilities are easily accessible.  As Chuck acknowledged, he is not a 3D pilot (at least not yet!), but he was able to perform several 3D manoeuvres in  this film.  You can see the video embedded below: The third and final video shows Chuck taking the VisionAire out for a second flight.  In this instance, however, he utilises the full 3D rates in order to showcase the VisionAire in its full glory.  Despite the windy conditions, Chuck was able to handle this RC plane skillfully and perform even more 3D manoeuvres.  We hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did: Overall, all three of these videos show how this RC plane can help you fly 3D, even if you consider your skills to be at a sport pilot level.  We are pleased to say that the ParkZone VisionAire is now available to order from our website.  A big thank you to Chuck for producing these excellent videos.  You can see more of his work on his YouTube channel, Chuck T. Seeker.  Be sure to stay connected to our blog for further postings about Chuck's videos and other new releases from Modelflight.