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  • RC Plane Events in Australia - 2017

    If you know of an event that is not listed, or there are event details that need to be updated, please do not hesitate to contact Modelflight.

  • Indoor Flying at Ridley Centre

    Proudly brought to you by Modelflight RC

    In conjunction with Southern Soaring League (SSL) and the Model Aerosport SA Inc (MASA)

    Scheduled: Thursday May-19th, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
    Scheduled: Thursday July-21st, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

    Free to spectate and only $10 to participate (all proceeds going to SSL Club)

    Indoor Flying

    Well its back on again! We are very excited to announce that with the support of Southern Soaring League (SSL) and the MASA we have been able to lock down the use of the southern half of Ridley Centre at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds.

    Ridley Centre South Ridley Centre South. Access will be via the doors on the southern side of the centre and clearly the lights will be on

    This space is great for indoor model flying and we hope can provide ease of access (plenty of public transport options, as outlined below) and great opportunity to expand the types of indoor models being flown. So dust of the Ultra-Micros, Small FPV units, Foam Scratchies or your other indoor flying projects and come on down for a fun filled evening. If you have not tried FPV before, Modelflight will also have some basic FPV systems set-up for you to have a go and put the goggles on to gain some otherworldly experience.

    RC Indoor

    Venue Access

    Parking: Via Rose Terrace (North P, P1, P2, or P3) or alternative local street parking on the Eastern side of Goodwood Road.

    By Foot: All gates will be open but preferred access will be via Northern Kidman Gate (if parked off Rose Terrace and walking) or via the Ridley Gate (off Goodwood Road) are the easiest

    Entry: the southern doors of Ridley Centre (just off Goodwood Road). Its possible the Northern doors will be open but that will be determined on the day.


    Public Transport

    Bus Routes:
    Several bus routes service the Showground on Goodwood Road. Bus stops 1 or 2 on Goodwood Road are most convenient to the Adelaide Showground. It is approximately a 15 minute bus ride to the City.

    Tram Routes:
    Trams depart Adelaide from Victoria Square & outside the Adelaide Railway Station every 20 minutes, with the journey taking five-minutes to reach Goodwood Road Station, Stop 3. It is then a five-minute walk from the tram stop to the Adelaide Showground.

    Train Routes:
    Located on the south-eastern corner of Anzac Highway and Greenhill Road, Adelaide Showground Station is fully integrated with the Showground to provide a new, modern station that improves access, visibility, design, safety and convenience for train users.


  • Australian F3J International RC Glider Event - Milang, South Australia: March 2016

    Model Flight was proud to support this major RC thermal soaring event held at the SSL field at Milang SA. Near perfect conditions faced the 27 competitors on Saturday. Light southerly winds and temperatures in the mid 20’s. 7 qualifying rounds were flown on the Saturday and a further 5 on Sunday morning with the fly-off rounds commencing after lunch.

    John Tonkes landing his Pike Perfection

    The top 7 pilots after qualifying went into a 3 round fly-off to determine the winner. Stronger winds and less thermals were evident as these competitors aimed for a 15 minute flight after a 3-5 second launch on the electric winches that were used throughout the competition. This was the only deviation from the FAI International rules.

    Jamie Nancarrow landing his Pike Perfection

    There were 2 pilots competing from New Zealand; multi time World Champion Joe Wurts and multi time New Zealand Team member Kevin Botherway. They headed the scoreboard after the qualifying rounds but the pressure was on in the fly-offs. Fortunately the Aussies put on some heat and prevented a Kiwi 1-2.


    F3J International Fly-Off - Overall Results

    Rank Name Score Model Radio State
    1 WURTS, Joe 2994.38 Maxa JR NZ
    2 O'REILLY, Michael 2971.99 Pike Perfection Spektrum SA
    3 ARVANITAKIS, Theo 2971.79 Pike Perfection Spektrum VIC
    4 NANCARROW, Jamie 2963.06 Pike Perfection Spektrum SA
    5 HOUDALAKIS, Jim 2911.57 Pike Perfect Jeti VIC
    6 CHABREL, Nick 2730.73 Pike Perfection Spektrum SA
    7 BOTHERWAY, Kevin 2569.85 Maxa JR NZ



    L-R, Mike O’Reilly (2nd), Joe Wurts (1st), Theo Arvanitakis (3rd)



  • The Phoenix Event Report: Indoor Flying in Adelaide, March 2016

    Another big crowd rocked up for the March indoor meeting at ETSA Park. It was great to see members from Noarlunga, Holdfast, SSL, Hummocks, Constellation, AMA and more in attendance.

    L-R, Greg Leigh, Shaun Jacobsen and Jarryd Jacobsen (UM Beast) L-R, Greg Leigh, Shaun Jacobsen and Jarryd Jacobsen (UM Beast)

    Shaun with his P3 Revolution and Jarryd with his Beast

    IMG_6101 MAAA President Neil Tank and Paul Kumela came to have a look

    IMG_6084 Luke Neilson with his Crack Yak 55

    IMG_6097 Ian Chomos

    IMG_6088 Steven Lock from Noarlunga

    IMG_6098 JJ with his Crack Laser

    IMG_6093 Crack Shock Flyers in action

    There were slightly less quadcopters and helicopters compared to last month, but an increase in UM warbirds and aerobatic models, and plenty of indoor aerobatic shock flyers.

    IMG_6078 Jim’s Quad Racer

    IMG_6079 A Crack Yak and Sukhoi SU-29

    IMG_6082 Mike’s Blade 200 SR X

    IMG_6083 Greg Leigh’s ParkZone UM T-28 Trojan

    Sadly, this is the last indoor event at ETSA Park until Thursday August 18th due to clashes with netball matches in winter. We are pursuing alternate venues, but we will be back at ETSA in August.

  • RC Plane Events in Australia - 2016

    If you are looking for some RC plane events in your state, check out the below list showing events coming up in 2016.

    Date Event Location
    JR Aerotow Scale Glider Event 25th - 28th March Jerilderie Racecourse, NSW
    Adelaide Jet Action 28th - 29th May Monarto, SA
    LSF Glider Tournament 11th - 13th June Jerilderie Racecourse, NSW
    Luskintyre Scale Festival 29th - 30th October Luskintyre Airfield, NSW


    If you know of an event that is not listed, or there are event details that need to be updated, please do not hesitate to contact Modelflight.

  • The Phoenix Event Report: Indoor Flying in Adelaide, February 2016

    We had our best attendance at the Indoor meeting at ETSA Park in February for many months. There were foamie shock flyers, small quadcopters, indoor helicopters and foamie warbirds doubling up as pylon racers and one lonely hand launch glider.

    Mike's fleet for the night Mike's fleet for the night

    Steve Nelson's models Steve Nelson's models

    Steve Nelson flew this in a very scale like manner, as an ex Cathay Pacific captain should Steve Nelson flew this in a very scale like manner, as an ex Cathay Pacific captain should

    One of the original Shock Flyers from Ikarus One of the original Shock Flyers from Ikarus

    IMG_5936 Mike gave our sample Blade 120S an outing. Very nice!

    IMG_5937 The E-flite UMX J-3 Cub did its best to keep up with the pylon guys

    IMG_5925 JJ’s Crack YAK 55

    We were very fortunate to have the stadium to ourselves after 8:00 when all the netballers left. It was really good to see members from Holdfast, Skyhawks, AMA, Noarlunga and SSL in attendance.

    Jarryd, Shaun and Greg having fun Jarryd, Shaun and Greg having fun

    IMG_5923 Hamish Scott minus the obligatory helicopter

    IMG_5924 Chris Brislin with an E-flite UMX Whipit DLG

    Chris Brislin who is one of Australia’s finest IMAC pilots was having a lot of fun with an E-flite UMX Whipit hand launch glider until it decided to park itself on a roof truss very high up in the stadium. And you can’t slow down 3 of SA’s best pylon racers even when walls and the ceiling restrict the airspace. Shaun and Jarryd Jacobsen spent the night chasing Greg Leigh’s 2S powered brushless P-47 Thunderbolt.

    Ian Smedman with his UMX Piper J-3 Cub Ian Smedman with his UMX Piper J-3 Cub

    Andrew Pile with his Mini Vapor Andrew Pile with his Mini Vapor

    Greg Leigh with his UM P-47 Thunderbolt Greg Leigh with his UM P-47 Thunderbolt

    IMG_5930 Steve Nelson with his Blade 180QX

    David from Holdfast who went solo with his UM Sport Cub David from Holdfast who went solo with his UM Sport Cub

    IMG_5934 Natesh from AMA showing us how to hover

    We are back for more fun on Thursday 17th March at 7:30PM at ETSA Park, Mile End where we hope you can join us. $10 to fly for 2 hours, free to watch.

    Please note that the Indoor Flying schedule for the rest of the year is still under review with Netball SA due to State League matches being played on a Thursday night starting in April. Watch this space.

  • The Phoenix Event Report: Indoor Flying in Adelaide, December 2015

    On a very warm December night a hardy and enthusiastic band of modellers attended the last indoor meeting of the year at ETSA Park. We were very lucky to have Chris Brislin in attendance to show off his skills with the new E-Flite UMX P3 Revolution, and for Hamish Scott to extract awesome performance from a Blade Nano CP S helicopter.


    We also had the usual collection of micro warbirds and drones of several sizes. And it was great to see a Night Vapor floating around at slower than walking pace staying out of trouble above the faster flying models.

    Meanwhile Shaun and Jarryd Jacobsen and Greg Leigh used their pylon racing skills to tear up the stadium at high speed and low altitude.

    We will be back for more at ETSA Park in February on Thursday 18th with a slightly later starting time of 8:00PM.

    We saw our first 250 size FPV Racer in December, will a few more venture out in 2016 ?


    Next Indoor Flying sessions are:

    Thursday February 18th 8:00 – 10:00

    Thursday March 17th 7:30 – 9:30

    $10 to fly and absolutely free to watch.

  • Nuremberg 2016 Toy Fair: New Releases

    Nuremberg 2016

    Modelflight is pleased to share the exciting new products we are announcing at the biggest toy fair in the world, the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair, aka The Nurnberg Show.

    Spektrum DX6R Radio

    The DX6R is engineered from the ground-up. High-end features include smart technology, including Wi-Fi network connectivity, for downloading Raceware updates and model presets. It it also includes the new SR6000T 6-Channel Surface Receiver with Telemetry while the touchscreen interface delivers programmability that can keep up with the fast-pace today’s racers demand. More details


    RC Heli 120S
    Blade 120 S
    Fixed-pitch, flybarless rotor mechanical simplicity lets users enjoy extra speed and agility with a design that has a high-level of durability and efficiency. More details
    Blade Inductrix 200 FPV
    Blade Inductrix 200 FPV
    Inspired by the durable micro-size Inductrix design, this larger ducted fan version features powerful brushless motors, expertly tuned SAFE® technology, and integrated FPV camera. More details

    Spektrum DX20
    New Spektrum DX20: From its premium construction and comfortable ergonomics to its powerful programming features and machined aluminum gimbals, the transmitter delivers a pro-class flying experience that is second to none. More details


    Spektrum DX8New Spektrum DX8
    The new transmitter features capabilities eclipsing almost everything in its class such as voice alerts, 250-model memory, and wireless trainer. Also included is the latest generation 2 programming. More details
    Focal™ FPV Wireless HeadsetSpektrum Focal FPV Wireless Headset
    This Goggles features improved optics, wireless frequency selection, a modular receiver bay, and adjustable IPD. It satisfies the demand for a medium range FPV system. More details

    Blade ZeirokA versatile quadcopter the beginner pilot can’t beat, this drone features a lightweight unibody airframe, brilliant front and rear LEDs, and expertly-tuned SAFE® technology. Plus, with three versions to choose from—RTF, BNF and RTF with a removable HD camera—it’s easy to find the one that's right for you. More details


    ProBoat Zelos 36 inchProBoat Zelos 36
    Featuring twin 6-pole, 2000Kv brushless motors, this 36-inch catamaran is easily capable of reaching pulse-pounding speeds in excess of 60mph. More details
    RC boat RecoilProBoat Recoil 26
    Featuring a self-righting system, boaters can return to a race ready position by simply punching the accelerator. More details

    TLR  8IGHT-E™ 4.0 RC BuggyNEW TLR 8IGHT-E 4.0 Ready to set the racing world on fire, the fourth generation of this kit adds a cab-forward body, upgraded suspension geometry, redesigned aluminum shock towers, and more. More details


  • DRONE MACHINATIONS at Flinders University

    Drone Conference Adelaide

    On Thursday of this week we were lucky enough to be invited along to present a question and answer session entitled “DRONE MACHINATIONS!” to the New Venture Institute (NVI) at Flinders University, South Australia. The New Venture Institute Flinders inspires, educates and connects innovators and entrepreneurs, growing and supporting new ventures and startups through a range of initiatives. Flinders University established the New Venture Institute (NVI) in June 2013 to connect Flinders University’s staff, students and resources with external businesses, entrepreneurs, students and innovators to create and foster an entrepreneurial community in Adelaide.

    Drone Business Australia

    The event was held as part of the regular Friday “Feed Your Brain” sessions in the eNVIsion Incubator space on Level 2 of NVI. A closed attendance of around 40-50 guests presented some challenging, and very relevant, questions to Modelflight Director, Jamie Nancarrow. Questions included ‘What are potential income streams from drone business?’, ‘What legislation if any is facilitating / limiting the use of drone technology in Australia?’, ‘What are the more unusual / creative uses of drone technology?’, ‘Are people really racing drones?’ and ‘What are the best opportunities for SA business to get involved?’. The questions lead to some creative open forum discussions and certainly inspired many entrepreneurs in the room with various research interests including aerial mapping, habitat/species management, commercial development, aquatic/marine park management, and emergency services facilitators to name a few.

    Aerial Filming Australia

    The presentation also happened to coincide with the State Premier, Jay Weatherill, visiting the New Venture Institute at Flinders. Mr Weatherill met with a number of inventors and start-up business owners whose innovative products and services will soon be launched onto national and international markets. It was certainly great to be a part of fuelling some positive South Australian creative thought. Modelflight would like to thank Deputy Director of Business Engagement and Marketing, Kathryn Anderson, and, Marketing Communications/Incubator Manager, Ashleigh Keane, for facilitating the event.

  • The Phoenix Event Report: Indoor Flying in Adelaide, July 2015

    After a series of cold, windy and sometimes wet days the lure of a relatively warm and calm indoor arena drew a large crowd of pilots to ETSA Park Netball Centre in July.
    It was great to see some new faces who had an interesting variety of models to fly.

    Inddor Flying

    There were some Blade 200 SRX’s, Night Vapors, several Ultra Micro Space Walkers, Mike flew an Ultra Micro PT-17, and we saw quite a few quadcopters in action.

    RC Helicopter

    The next gathering is Thursday August 20th at 7:30 and we hope you can join us then.

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