Brand New! Spektrum Announces DX9 Transmitter

It is a big day for RC radiosSpektrum have just made a major announcement: the release of their 9-channel DX9 transmitter.

The all-new DX9 is going to give you more than the finest programming and signal response available in a 9-channel transmitter. It's also going to give you the most sophisticated voice alert system ever seen (or heard) in a handheld transmitter. This fully programmable alert system will allow you to maintain complete awareness of all critical telemetry data and transmitter functions without ever having to take your eyes off what you're flying.   As opposed to vibration or tone alerts, you can actually hear important information through the transmitter. Say for example you are switching from one flight mode to another. The DX9 will tell you what flight mode you have chosen.  Alternatively, it can call out specific readings for your voltage, temps or any other critical flight data - all on demand.  If an alarm goes off during flight, you no longer have to look at your screen to see what is going on. What’s more, an audio jack lets you discreetly listen to alerts with a standard set of ear buds. The DX9 will tell you everything you need to know; allowing you to keep your focus towards the sky.   One of the other exciting features with the DX9 is its wireless trainer function. This allows you to bind the DX9 to another DSM2 or DSMX transmitter wirelessly; there is no need for a trainer cord. What's more, once you have bound the DX9 to another transmitter, the radio's ModelMatch technology will allow you to relink the two transmitters without having to go through the binding process again. These are very convenient features if you are helping a new pilot develop their skills.   A third feature with this transmitter is forward programming. This allows you to directly program the next generation of Spektrum components through the DX9 transmitter (provided you have at least version 2.0 of Spektrum's AirWare software). This will help ensure that your DX9 remains at the leading edge of RC technology.   Remarkably, the DX9 comes with a 250 model memory. You also have programming functions for planes, helicopters and sailplanes. While we are on the topic of programming functions, we have put together another table below to show you what features are available for different RC models:  




10 wing types Active gyro trim 5 wing types
6 tail types 7-point throttle curve 3 tail types
Flap delay and elevator compensation 7-point pitch curve Flap delay and elevator compensation
5 flight modes 7-point tail curve 10 flight modes
Dual rates and expo 6 swash plate types Dual rates and expo
10 programmable mixes Swash plate timing 10 programmable mixes
5 flight modes
Dual rates and expo
10 programmable mixes
  As you can see, the Spektrum DX9 is a highly functional transmitter. With its cutting-edge technology, model memory and versatility, it is truly one of the most exciting releases we have had at Modelflight. If you are just as thrilled as we are, click on the Spektrum DX9 product page now to find out more.