Blade Theory W FPV Ready BNF Basic RC Plane

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There’s no theory about it. The Blade Theory Type W FPV ready BNF plane delivers outstanding performance, for any skill level. Be prepared for lots of fun.


  • Go faster, up to 90 M/PH with the brushless power system
  • Made from strong Z-Foam material & reinforced with carbon fibre
  • Digital, high-performing Spektrum mini metal-gear servos
  • Motor mount doesn’t require tools
  • Transport your plane easily. Remove the wings.
  • Just add an FPV system, and go!
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Blade Theory W FPV Ready BNF Basic RC Plane

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Product Information

FPV Race Wing taking the world by storm

FPV RC Plane

If there’s one thing that’s spreading faster than the Pokémon craze, it’s First-Person View quad racing. The Blade Theory Type W FPV is in a league of its own – blending a high-performing beginner aircraft with the riveting action of FPV. This FPV plane is easy to fly and has the strength to keep going through any weather.

Fly it for fun or make it your competitive sport. Go slow and enjoy soaring, or cruise at 60-90 M/PH. You choose!

Removable wings, so you can fly anywhere

Transporting your Blade Theory Type W FPV is nearly as easy as it is to fly. To connect the wings, just plug the integrated servo leads from the wings and lock them in one easy step. Then, take them off when you want to move flying locations.

All of the included components are integrated already, so all of the hard work is done. There are digital metal gear servos, AS3X stabilisation technology and SAFE technology. The Theory FPV will go as fast as you want it to – without ever losing your stability. Its innovative wing design along with SAFE and AS3X makes reaching 90 M/PH doable.

Blade Theory W FPV Equipped RC Plane

Accepts 4S 1300mAh LiPo batteries

Enjoy controlled, hand launch take-offs, and 90-degree bank angle limits. Choose the agility mode if you want to fly like a pro.

The brushless motor is compatible with a 4S 1300mAh LiPo battery, delivering unbeatable performance. Add a Thrust 2350Kv motor into the mix and you’ll be amazed at just how much power it has, especially for a wing in this class. You can upgrade to a 2650Kv Thrust Series if you want even more power.

Re-play your races in HD

The mount is designed to work with a Mobius or Legend camera, so you can re-play all of your winning adventures. And they’ll be as clear as ever, because it’s filmed in HD. Go far and wide, without having to think about video problems.

FPV racing is an exciting new sport. It’s immersive, fun and addictive… just you wait and see.

If you’re considering FPV fixed wing racing, get the Blade Theory Type W FPV Ready BNF plane. Built for long-lasting performance and easy flying, it’s the best place to start. Just add your FPV system, and you're ready to go!

Invest in the best. Buy the Blade Theory Type W Plane today.

What you need

  • 6+ Channel Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DXe (SPMR1000)
  • Video Transmitter
  • Camera


Overall Length
Flying Weight
6+ Channel Programmable Transmitter
9g MG
Approx. Flying Duration
5 minutes
Approx. Flying Speed
Fast or Slow
Experience Level
Recommended Environment
Assembly Time
Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required

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