Blade Inductrix FPV RTF, No Longer Available

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The Blade Inductrix FPV is made for beginners. This ultra-small drone has big features. Small enough to fly inside, you can practice your skills at any time.


  • Flying in easy, with innate flight modes
  • FPV flight camera on 5.8GHz
  • EDF power system, quiet as a mouse
  • Responsive motor
  • Strong, supportive rotor housings. No damage!
  • 40 channel 4.3” monitor + mount
  • 200mAh 45C Li-Po flight battery with USB charger
  • No assembly needed. Just unpack & go!
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Blade Inductrix FPV RTF, No Longer Available

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Product Information

Fly big, in small places

This fully integrated, 100%-assembled drone is ready for adventure. Blade’s Inductrix FPV is ultra-micro and ultra-fun. Designed with the beginner in mind, the Inductrix belongs indoors. Blade has their finger on the pulse with this drone. They know just how addictive flying is once you start – which is why the Inductrix is so lucrative. You don’t have to wait for daylight to fly. Just switch on your hallway light and launch!

FPV Monitor

Out-of-the-box FPV performance

The Inductrix comes with an in-built 25mW FPV system and a 4.3” FPV external monitor. This means you can cruise around in those small nooks even after you’ve just charged up. Once you get the hang of flying, you can easily upgrade to FPV goggles. This monitor can choose all 40 FPV channels.

The four electric ducted fan rotor systems have been expertly tuned, giving this drone smooth and quiet flight. Don’t worry if you accidently hit the wall or it falls on grass in your backyard – the rotor housings are strong and protect against damage.

It’s SAFE. Don’t be afraid.

Inductrix FPV

The Inductrix comes equipped with the revolutionary SAFE technology. It’s smart, intuitive and consistent, so you never have to worry about braving wild weather. The SAFE technology ensures you’ll stay level, even if you lose your focus for a moment. See, we told you it’s made for newbies. Choose from multiple modes and fly with confidence.

If you’re still cruising at dusk, the LED orientation lights will keep you on track. You’ll always be able to spot that glow in the night sky, with the clear rotor housings.

And after all of that fun, simply charge your drone via the included USB charging unit. It works from any 5.0V USB port. Power up, in just a few minutes!

The Blade Inductrix FPV – quiet, smooth to fly, and delivers punch when you want it. You’ll feel like you’re flying a jet aircraft, with the quiet ducted fans and improved motors. Order the Blade Inductrix FPV if you’re looking to get into RC drone flying today.

What you need

Nothing! Everything you need to get flying is included in the box


Gross Weight
Experience Level
Recommended Environment
Is Assembly Required
Approximate Flight Time
3-4 min

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