Blade Inductrix FPV Pro Racing Drone, BNF

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The new Inductrix FPV Pro is the latest and greatest micro FPV racer from Blade, designed with all-out performance in mind. This is the lightest, fastest, most durable, Betaflight configurable Mini FPV racing machine on the market.


  • Lightweight yet durable frame
  • Factory assembled
  • Includes a 200mAh 3.7V LiPo battery
  • Betaflight configurable
  • 25mW camera
  • Comes with an extra blue canopy
  • Weighs only 25grams with battery
  • Protective prop guards
  • Powerful brushed motors
  • Sleek design
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Blade Inductrix FPV Pro Racing Drone, BNF

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Product Information

Beat the competition with the Blade Inductrix FPV Pro

Blade Inductrix Pro FPV drone

The Blade Inductrix Pro FPV is a no holds barred high-performance micro FPV racing machine, taking out of the box performance to the next level. Building upon the extremely popular and proven Inductrix design the Inductrix FPV Pro truly answers the call to those seeking the highest level of micro performance in the most durable package.

One feature that sets this craft apart from the rest is the Betaflight configurable flight controller, this provides you with the freedom to enjoy the stock tune or set-up the craft exactly to your liking, changing rates and gains to suit your flying style. This offers you a more connected feel and ultimately a better flight experience. 

High-performance camera/VTX

Micro FPV drone

An all new and improved VTX and Camera combo boasts a smaller monopole antenna and light form factor, whilst giving you more frequencies and bands to choose from. The included removable canopy offers the protection for all of the important components while still maintaining a sleek styling and not hindering weight or performance. The included 200mAH battery gives longer flight times due to the reduced weight and improved aerodynamics of the craft. 

Based on the Inductrix FPV, the updated frame design boasts a sturdier design with added reinforcements and is made from a more durable material. The new canopy offers fantastic protection for all the essential components, all whilst maintaining a sleek and sexy styling.

Even with all the performance upgrades and improvements, the Inductrix FPV PRO comes in even lighter than the original Inductrix FPV.

High speed motors

The included 14,000 + KV motors offer improved throttle response and a higher top end speed, with the Betaflight configurable FC the craft still boasts the same stability as the previous version. Perfect for beginners to FPV.

No modification or soldering required, Bind up to your favourite Spektrum radio and go flying! High performance, ready to go out of the box.

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What you need

  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX6e (SPM6650) or the Spektrum DXE (SPMR10001)
  • FPV monitor or headset.


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