Blade Inductrix FPV+ Drone, RTF, No Longer Available

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The Inductrix FPV+ could be considered a beginners drone if it wasn’t also a powerful pocket rocket that would give the advanced pilot a run for their money too. This next generation Inductrix, with its 8mm motor, is FPV capable as soon as you plug the battery in!

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  • 8mm high performance motors
  • 4.3 inch Spektrum monitor with mount and DVR
  • LED tail light pre-installed
  • No building required – comes out of the box fully assembled
  • Has flight mode that allows you to hold your altitude
  • EDF power system that is a lot quieter
  • Video transmitter and FPV camera are fully integrated
  • Flying is made simpler with intuitive flight modes
  • Robust damage preventing rotor housings
  • If you crash with your rotors facing the ground Meow Mode allows you to flip back upright
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Blade Inductrix FPV+ Drone, RTF, No Longer Available

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Product Information

Small drone, huge features

Blade Inductrix Plus FPV drone

The next generation of micro drones are here and they look like the Blade Inductrix FPV+. If you loved the Inductrix and Inductrix Pro, the Inductrix FPV+ lifts the bar higher again. Suitable for beginners right through to advanced flyers the Inductrix +, with its 8mm motors and immediate FPV capability means minimal setup and maximum air time. The FPV components are fully integrated into the Inductrix + with the video transmitter, the camera with a 4.3-inch monitor capable of digital video recording, and, pre-installed LED tail light all built into the design of this micro drone.

Flying Camera

Fly your Inductrix FPV+ with confidence knowing that the ducted propeller design will enable your drone to simply bounce off objects/walls without crashing out of the sky. The inbuilt SAFE technology will also help smooth out some of the erratic movements associated with the flying attempts of beginner pilots. If you do happen to crash it with the propellers facing the ground simply engage Meow Mode, an innovative feature that allows your drone to flip back upright and be ready for your next take off.

If you need to maintain a certain distance from the ground to capture the ideal vision on the camera, you simply need to engage the Inductrix+’s altitude hold flight mode. To get the most out of the 8mm motors the Inductrix FPV+ drone comes with a 500mAh LiPo for awesome power to weight.

If you like this camera drone, you should take a look at the Blade Torrent 110.

What you need

Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box.


Gross Weight
1.83 oz (52g)
3.9 in (100mm)
Experience Level
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