Blade Inductrix FPV Brushless RC Drone, BNF Basic, No Longer Available

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The all new Blade Inductrix Brushless BNF Basic drone combines all of the features users have been requesting into the most exciting and performance driven Inductrix yet. To complete this package simply add a Spektrum transmitter of your choice and a 1s 500Mah battery with suitable charger.


  • SAFE technology helps beginners learn drone flying skills
  • Angle Mode uses self-levelling to provide fast flight and confident performance
  • Altitude Mode holds height while also adding self-levelling, perfect for beginners
  • Agility Mode - Freshly tuned agility mode takes full advantage of the brushless motor power for unlimited aerobatics
  • Brushless Motor with micro brushless 4-in-1 ESC
  • Accurate 25mW video transmitter with channel selection
  • All new durable frame design
  • 4 minute flying time per battery
  • Meow Mode for easy crash recovery
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Blade Inductrix FPV Brushless RC Drone, BNF Basic, No Longer Available

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Product Information

Brushless power with the Blade Inductrix

The Blade Inductrix Brushless BNF Basic drone is the most exciting micro drone on the market, the included SAFE technology allows even the first time drone pilot to bounce off walls and into furniture without crashing and burning. The all-new VTX channel changing system allows the user to tune into the desired channel right from their Spektrum G2 or greater transmitter. Crystal clear video is transmitted to the all-new CMOS camera via the 25mw video transmitter and is more than equipped to handle large spars and obstacles all while being friendly to other pilots. An innovative Meow mode feature makes crash recovery a breeze, simply press a button to reverse motor direction and have the craft flip back onto its landing gear ready to launch back into the sky.

Blade Brushless Inductrix

A newly engineered main frame drastically improves the durability of the Blade Inductrix BNF Brushless to make crashes fear free! The new canopy provides ample protection to the camera, video transmitter and flight controller while the ducted frame design offers motor protection from bumps and small crashes.

The new brushless power system takes the Blade Inductrix BL to a whole new level of performance whilst maintaining the small form factor for indoor operation. The included on screen display now offer’s vital battery information and telemetry data on your video feed, this is also easily adjustable right form your transmitter. Always knowing what voltage the battery is at and how far into the flight you are is such a neat feature and just one of many that have been jam packed into this awesome little Blade drone.

What you need

  • 1S 500mAH battery (UM) and charger
  • Spektrum Transmitter
  • FPV Monitors or Goggles


Gross Weight
Motor Size
Brushless 0706 15000kv
Rotor Blade Length

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