Blade Fusion 550 Helicopter Kit with Motor, BLH4975

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Are you looking for an RC Heli that is high-performing and easy to maintain? Look no further than the Blade Fusion 550. When you pair the included motor and blades with the aluminium/carbon fibre airframe and hook it up to 22.2v 6S LiPos, you have yourself an aerobatic sport-flying juggernaut. 

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  • Basic to sport to 3D aerobatic flying capabilities
  • Based on the extremely popular Fusion 480 and stretch kit
  • Assemble in less than half the time of other RC Heli kits
  • Airframe designed with aluminium and carbon fibre for high-level durability
  • Efficient and powerful 6S 4320-1180Kv compatible motor included
  • Compatible with popular and common 6S 4000–5000mAh 30+C LiPo batteries
  • Reliable helical main gear with steel pinion for efficient and quiet flying
  • 6mm wide belt for the driven tail featuring adjustable tension
  • 5mm diameter carbon fibre tail pushrod for precise tail control
  • High-strength steel 5mm tail shaft paired with a metal bell crank and grips
  • Oversized 25mm diameter tail boom eliminates the need for boom supports
  • 550mm main and 95mm tail carbon fibre rotor blades included
  • Cyclic and tail control from standard-sized servos (sold separately)
  • Carbon fibre and aluminium tail case with a metal tail drive pulley
  • Fits standard-sized servos for cyclic and tail control
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Blade Fusion 550 Helicopter Kit with Motor, BLH4975

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Product Information

Tracing its origins back to the highly popular Blade Fusion 480 and stretch kit, the Blade Fusion 550 improves upon two decades of development and engineering experience to bring you a high-performing and high-quality RC helicopter that is reliable and tough with the capabilities to deliver anything from basic hovers right through to 3D aerobatics. 

The speed at which the Blade Fusion 550 can be assembled is due to the advanced airframe design which includes highly toughened but lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre components. The design also makes this RC Heli easy to repair and maintain. Precise and responsive control is provided by the optimized servo geometry which facilitates a wide array of flying capabilities. A 10-pole 4320-1180Kv brushless outrunner motor is included to drive the quiet helical main gear which delivers high performance and incredible torque when paired with popular 4000-5000mAh 6S LiPo's. The construction of the belt-driven tail assembly also features aluminium and carbon fibre giving you a locked-in tail performance every time you get airborne.  

Whether you're an intermediate pilot embarking on constructing your first kit-built RC Heli, or, a highly experienced 3D chopper jockey, the Blade Fusion 550 combines capabilities, value, quality and convenience with enough flying capabilities to keep everyone happy! 

What's in the box?

  • (1) Blade Fusion 550 Helicopter Quick Build Kit

  • (1) Spektrum Avian 4320-1180Kv 10-Pole Brushless Outrunner Motor (included)

  • (1) Blade 550mm Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blade Set (included)

  • (1) Blade 95mm Carbon Fiber Tail Rotor Blade Set (included)

  • (1) Fusion 550 Helicopter Product Manual

What you need

  • (1) Flybarless control system with built-in and/or external receiver
  • (1) Full-range 6+ channel helicopter compatible transmitter
  • (3) High-torque standard sized cyclic servos
  • (1) High-speed standard sized tail servo
  • (1) 130+ amp 6S and helicopter compatible ESC
  • (1) 6S 22.2V 4000–5000mAh 30+C LiPo battery
  • (1) Compatible LiPo Charger


Canopy/Body Material
Product Weight
6.72Lb (3050g) with Recommended Battery
Sold Separately
Sold Separately
Main Rotor Blade Length
21.65" (550 mm)
Speed Control
Sold Separately
Power Type
Sold Separately
Skill Level
Level 3
Swashplate Type
120 Degree CCPM
Sold Separately
Gear Ratio
Main Frame Material
Carbon Fiber
Motor Size
4320-1180Kv 10 Pole
Product Length
42.52" (1080 mm)
Approximate Assembly Time
5-7 Hours
Tail Drive
Belt Drive
Main Motor Type
Main Rotor Head Type
Collective Pitch Flybarless
Product Width
7.4" (188 mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter
9.84" (250 mm)
Completion Level
Main Blade Material
Carbon Fiber
Main Rotor Diameter
49.01" (1245 mm)
Product Height
12.59" (320 mm)
Tail Blade Material
Carbon Fiber
Tail Rotor Blade Length
3.74" (95 mm)

Product Manuals

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